Aviation Cyber Security

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JAA TO Virtual
08 - 10 November 2021 Available
JAA TO Schiphol-Rijk Netherlands
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This course is an introduction and overview of the cyber threat to aviation.


The aviation industry has always been concerned with the safety and security of airports and aircraft. However, it was after the 9/11 terrorist attacks that the aviation industry became fully aware of the vulnerabilities existing within aviation security and the disastrous consequences thereof.

In acknowledging that terrorists are changing their strategies, the aviation industry has adopted an increased concern for potential cyber attack in aviation. 

However, the industry is vulnerable to various cyber attacks that could be committed by cyber crimininals or cyber terrorists, the latter having a specific intent. 

A cyber attack may be regarded as an emerging and real threat against the aviation industry. Since one may consider that there are more advantages of carrying out a cyber attack by the cyber criminal, rather than a physical attack, the likelihood of cyber being resorted to as a means of attack has increased in aviation. 

Therefore, this course will discuss the various elements  of a cyber attack within the aviation industry, strengthening one’s knowledge on cyber and bringing about an increased awareness of such threat, creating a cyber-security culture.

Course Content

The key topics in this course are a series of lectures interspersed with discussions and exercises:

  • An introduction to security threats in the industry
  • Decoding cyber thtreats
  • Legal aspect of cyber threats
  • Initiatives being carried out on international, regional and national levels
  • Way forward

Learning Objectives

To strengthen overall knowledge and understanding of cyber threat; 

To understand what a cyber threat is; the difference between cyber terrorism, cyber attack and hacking; who would carry out such attacks, and for what purposes; 

To recognise how a cyber attack can be carried out, and what the vulnerable critical infrastructures are; as well as the repurcussions for both the organisation and the industry; 

To comprehend that cyber threat is indeed a new threat against the industry, and is to be considered as such; resulting in the need to have preventive measures in place as well as a creating a cyber-security culture at all levels; 

To appreciate the initiatives implemented by the industry, both past and present, as well as on a regional and international level.

Who should take this course

Senior staff in the Industry, CAA, supervisors, Management and Professionals.


This course is not technical in nature and is suitable for personnel and managers to gain a broad understanding of  cyber attack. No specific pre-requisites are required; however, a good command of the English language is necessary and working experience in aviation security is desirable.


3 Days, starting at 9:00 and finishing at 17:00

Locations & Dates
JAA TO Virtual
08 - 10 November 2021 Available
JAA TO Schiphol-Rijk Netherlands
Dates not yet confirmed
€ 1520.00