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JAA Training Organisation (JAA TO) is active all over the world, either with scheduled training courses open to the public or customised courses on-site. We are extremely proud to confirm that staff from many organisations - from Civil Aviation Authorities (CAAs) to airlines, airports and their providers - have found their way to our training courses.

To date, we have provided our services to nearly 1600 organisations worldwide, including all 44 ECAC Member States and a variety of CAAs on each continent of the globe.

National / Civil Aviation Authorities (NAAs / CAAs)

JAA TO has long-lasting experience and relationship with ECAC European Member CAAs and is constantly delivering training courses within scope of the regulartory statues of the aviation system.


Major European airlines as well as smaller carriers and flight service providers have taken training courses with JAA TO.

These trainings can also be delivered at client's location, exclusively for the airline.

Defense, Police & Emergency

With the power of disposition that theses national executives carry comes large training responsibility.

JAA TO is proud that it delivered aviation related training to the following authorities.

Maintenance and Repair Organizations (MRO)

JAA TO supports many MROs in training their staff in continuing airworthiness and maintenance operations. 

Training courses can also be delivered at client's location for the organisation, making use of the infrastucture and facilities on site.

International & Non-governmental Organisations

As a Dutch non-profit, JAA TO supports the global network of non-governmental organisations (NGO) and other international aviation institutions wiht great care.

The JAA TO vision, contributing to a safer, more secure and sustainable aviation industry, holds true for commercial enterprises as well as NGOs alike.

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