Vision & Mission Statement

From its beginnings in the 1970s under the umbrella union of Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) to a prolific, world-leading training centre of excellence, JAA Training Organisation’s objective has always been harmonising the cooperative regulatory air transport system to achieve uniform high standards of aviation safety.

From the historic responsibility evolved an outlook to continuously pioneer aviation training and enable professionals and organisations.


We are the JAA Training Organisation


The JAA Training Organisation (JAA TO) records over 50 years of aviation history which defines the unique understanding of heritage and professionalism that shapes the modern JAA TO of today. The manifestation of this identity finds expression in the international vision of our approach to aviation training as the organisation has been a transregional advocate for training harmonisation from its very beginning. We are the pioneer and not-for-profit aviation regulatory training centre of excellence, recognised by EASA and ICAO, and initiated by the Member countries of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC). Learn more about us:

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