JAA TO's exams are recognised worldwide. Our e-exams are well-trusted by the highest aviation organisations around the globe since we are a leading Platinum Training Centre of Excellence (TCE) by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), an Associated Body of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC), and a leading member of the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Virtual Academy.

Exam Procedure

Examinations are administered upon completion of a JAA TO training course. This service is ideal for aviation professionals who would like to convert the gained knowledge into a formal document, which recognises their learning achievements. Exams are optional and not mandatory. If you are interested, please register in advance along with your enrollment for a training course via our website. 

Note: Training courses and exams are both displayed in their respective portfolios. But, you can register for both in one checkout process following the registration process via your personal JAA TO Account on this website.

E-Exam Platform

JAA TO has a paperless policy. All exams are administered digitally. As with the training course material, e-exams (if applicable) can be accessed through the JAA TO Training Portal upon finalisation of the connected training course. Candidates who pass the e-exam will receive a digital JAA TO/ECAC Certificate of Accomplishment upon receipt of full payment of the course fee.


Optional e-exams are included in the course fee. Payment (course fee) must be realised prior to the exam date. A maximum number of two attempts is allowed for JAA TO e-exams. If failing the first attempt, each candidate is allowed one re-sit (subject to payment), which must occur within one year of the respective course participation. If failing the re-sit exam, the candidate is required to take the entire applicable course again before taking the exam on the third attempt. 

Unless otherwise indicated in the registration confirmation e-mail and announced by the exam supervisor beforehand – the pass mark is 65% and the maximum time limit per JAA TO e-exam is 45 minutes. 


Exam results are available once the exam sitting is closed. Candidates who pass a JAA TO e-exam receive a digital JAA TO/ECAC Certificate of Accomplishment. 

Note: After a candidate has taken the e-exam, the score will be informed. It is advised to make a screenshot of your result/score as this will not be reflected on your exam certificate. Alos, the questions and answers - which are fully copyrighted by JAA TO - will not be made available to the candidates.



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