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The TRAINAIR PLUS Programme (TPP), ICAO's network of training organisations and industry partners, encompasses aviation training in all ICAO's Strategic Objectives with the goal of improving the safety and efficiency of air transport.

In 2014, JAA TO became the first ICAO Regional Training Centre of Excellence (RTCE) in Europe. Two years earlier it had already become the very first European full member of the ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS Programme (TPP). Currently JAA TO is the leading, and only, RTCE in Europe. 

About the programme

The ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS course programme consists of over 200 training packages in nine subject areas, including Aerodromes, Air Navigation Services, Air Transport, Aviation Law, Environment, Flight Safety and Safety Management, Security and Facilitation, Training Competency Development and Aviation Management. For an overview of all the available courses, please download the catalogue below.

JAA Training Organisation can deliver the courses from the catalogue to your organisation. When required we can take care of customising the courses to your organisation's specific needs. If you are interested in one or more courses, please contact Eric Schoonderwoerd, Business Strategist & Relationship Manager: eschoonderwoerd@jaato.com or +31 (0) 6 2891 7048.


Download Catalogue

Download the 2020 version of ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS Programme Catalogue



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