SAR Standards and Regulations Introduction

Locations & Dates
JAA TO Schiphol-Rijk Netherlands
27 - 29 August 2024 Available
JAA TO Virtual
Dates not yet confirmed
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€ 1660.00


This course is delivered in cooperation with Search and Rescue International (Ltd).

A three-day workshop offering competent authorities/national aviation authorities the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in order to produce national legislation or guidelines for the State activity of search and rescue.

Course Content

A series of course modules combining instruction and faciliation on the following areas:

General requirements

  • Helicopter Airworthiness
  • Helicopter SAR Operations
  • Specific Approvals
  • National SAR Approval
  • Additional Approvals
  • Dangerous Goods (DG) Approval
  • Electronic Flight Bags (EFB) Approval
  • Flight Time Limitations (FTL) Approval
  • Helicopter Emergency Medical Services (HEMS) Approval
  • Helicopter Hoist Operations (HHO) Approval
  • Helicopter Offshore Operations (HOFO) Approval
  • Low Visibility Operations (LVO) Approval
  • Night Vision Imaging Systems (NVIS) Approval

Operating requirements

  • Operations Manual
  • Helicopter Performance Requirements
  • SAR Crew
  • SAR Operating Minima
  • Fuel Policy
  • Refuelling with Passengers on Board
  • SAR Role and Medical Equipment
  • Helicopter Communication Equipment
  • SAR Operating Base Facilities
  • SAR Flights at Certified and Licensed Aerodromes Out of Hours (OOH)
  • SAR Flights at Unlicensed Airfields and Remote Operating Sites
  • Passenger Safety

Training and checking

  • Training and Checking Programme
  • SAR Flight Crew
  • SAR Technical Crew
  • SAR Technical Crew Instructors and Examiners
  • SAR Technical Crew Medical Standards
  • SAR Passengers
  • SAR Service Personnel

Learning Objectives

Delegates will learn to assist a Competent Authority/National Aviation Authority in developing relevant and robust national regulations/guidelines for search and rescue operations and training in line with international obligations and conventions.

Who should take this course

Government departments for transport, competent authorities/national aviation authorities


NAA staff conversant with national aviation regulations

Participants are kindly requested to bring a laptop to the course to access course material which will only be provided in electronic format.


3 days, starting at 09:00 each day and finalizing at approximately 17:00 on the last day.

Locations & Dates
JAA TO Schiphol-Rijk Netherlands
27 - 29 August 2024 Available
JAA TO Virtual
Dates not yet confirmed
€ 1660.00