Training centres must support the Aviation of the future

In a video interview, the ICAO qualified Instructor explains why

JAA TO, 29 November 2018, The Netherlands

“Training centres have to be prepared to support growth within the aviation sector, as predicted by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO and many other organisations for the next 20 years”, highlights the ICAO qualified instructor Kaj. Indeed, training centers must be prepared to support the industry of the future. “The growth in the aviation sector is expected to be more than doubled and we will need a lot of aviation professionals, such as pilots, air traffic controllers, flight dispatchers, engineers, and others”, he explains to us in a video interview about the two courses he delivers at JAA TO.

“The ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS - Training Managers Course (TMC)” is meant for managers setting up a training organisation in aviation, meeting all the requirements from ICAO and Civil Aviation Authorities. During the course, trainees learn how to build a training procedure manual meeting the requirements for quality assurance. Participants go home with very good tools to set up a training organisation in aviation”, affirms the instructor.

“The ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS - Managing Aviation Training Intelligence (MATI) is also meant for managers of training organisations in aviation. The idea behind the MATI course is to teach management how to use ‘aviation training intelligence’. It can involve data, state master plans, training needs analyses, training evaluation reports, new technologies and instructional methods. Trainees also learn about Key Performance Indicators, also known as KPIs, which are a type of performance measurement that evaluates the success of an organisation or of a particular activity in which it engages”, tells the instructor.

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