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AII / Auditing, Inspection, Investigation (AII)

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Advanced Accident and Incident Investigation Training Course

Advanced Aviation Lead Auditor Training Course

Advanced Safety Management Systems (SMS) and Integrated Management Systems (IMS)

Aircraft De-icing/Anti-icing Auditor Training

Airworthiness Training Course

Auditing in a Maintenance Environment

Auditing Techniques Flight & Ground OPS - Part OPS Compliance Monitoring

Auditing Techniques for Aerodromes Training Course

Auditing Techniques in Relation to Flight Crew Licensing

Basic Airworthiness Inspector Course

Compliance Audit Management

Dangerous Goods Training Course for (EU) Ramp Inspectors

Dangerous Goods Training Course for CAA Staff and Airport Authorities

EASA Inspectors Training course – Aeromedical Reqs & Auditing

EU Ramp Inspection Programme (SAFA) - Awareness Training Course

EU Ramp Inspection Programme (SAFA) - Initial Theoretical & Practical

EU Ramp Inspection Programme (SAFA) - Inspectors Recurrent

EWIS Part-21 Training Course

Fast Track Programme EU Ramp Inspection (SAFA), Dangerous Goods

ICAO & EASA Safety Management System Requirements - Introduction

ICAO & EASA Safety Management System Requirements - Workshop

ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS GSI - Personnel Licensing Course - 18710

ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS GSI Airworthiness – Air Ops & Approved Maint. Organisation -18701

ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS GSI Operations – Air Operator Certification - 18700

Introduction to Accident and Incident Investigation Training Course

NAA Inspector - EASA Aircrew Licensing Training Course

NAA Inspectors Training Course - Aerodrome Safety Regulation (Basic)

NAA Inspectors Training Course - Aircrew FSTD

NAA Inspectors Training Course - Continuing Airworthiness

NAA Inspectors Training Course - Flight Operations Inspector

NAA Inspectors Training Course - Initial Airworthiness

NDT methods, regulation & requirements (EN 4179) - Part 145/21 Organisation

Night Vision Imaging System (NVIS) Awareness & Familiarisation

Performance Based Navigation (PBN) - Introduction

Practical Auditing in an Airport environment

Recurrent Training for Auditors

Regulatory Auditing Techniques Training Course

Stores Management & Inspection Procedures and Processes