Excellent training courses require even better trainers, and that is what we have at JAA TO. Our trainers are hired on a freelance basis and work for renowned Authority or Industry organisations and/or Universities throughout Europe.

All our trainers have outstanding qualifications, sound experience in their field and know the trick of the trade. They have the ability to create an open, respectful atmosphere in which they bring their knowledge across. JAA Trainers are also open minded, eager to hear your views, and take pride in sharing their expertise with you.
Our trainers participate in the annual Trainers Seminar organised by JAA TO to exchange knowledge and views and to network with other trainers. Additionally they attend our Train the Trainers Workshop to guarantee the quality of their training skills. Furthermore, in order to become JAA TO Trainers, they undergo our Trainers Qualification Programme.

Because of their exposure to worldwide feedback from Authority and Industry, JAA Trainers stay on top of the subject and continuously update our course material according to latest standards and developments. They can therefore easily adapt to the needs of their audience.

Furthermore, our trainers are aware of the gaps between regulations and business practice. Where applicable, they will do their utmost to provide you with the tools to comply with aviation safety rules and regulations and still meet business requirements.

“The interesting thing about working with the JAA TO is that it doesn’t give you the opportunity to influence policy, but it does let you feedback to the organisation some of the experiences you’re getting from the real world.
On the one hand I’m having to modify my courses to meet the regulatory needs, but at the same time it gives us the opportunity to maybe just cross-check whether some of the regulations are working the way we intended them. That is an added challenge within our course.”

Norman McLeod, JAA TO Trainer