Online Training Courses 

JAA TO provides high-quality online training courses in aviation. There are many good reasons to take an online training course.

  • Online training is asynchronous, which means you do not need to follow it in real time, but at any time that is convenient for you
  • Online courses offer the possibility to pause when and where needed, to go back and to review in your own rhythm
  • With online courses, you have more time available, as you can follow it anywhere - from home, at night, or in a spare hour, during a break
  • Online training saves money, as there is no travel cost
  • Online training can train more people at the same time
  • Online training has "no borders"
  • Nowadays, more and more people use electronic devices to learn from, as people have easy access to it and there is no need to carry heavy books around

Are you the online learner type? Check the high-quality training courses we have available now!


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