JAA TO receives recognition as Dutch aviation security training centre



Schiphol-Rijk, The Netherlands. 26 May 2022 – In May 2022, in another milestone achievement, the JAA Training Organisation (JAA TO) has been certified as a national training organisation for “Aviation Security Training Courses” by the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Security (Nationaal Coördinator Terrorismebestrijding en Veiligheid / Koninklijke Marechaussee). Also, the newly developed training course Opleiding Security Manager Luchthavenexploitant (ENG: Training for Airport Security Managers) is recognised by the ministry which covers domestic security programs, quality programs and training activity in accordance with the National Training Program for Civil Aviation Security (NOBB).

The Airport Security Manager Training has been developed in accordance with the requirements as included in the Dutch NOBB to provide insight into the threat against civil aviation and the measures that can be taken to ensure civil aviation security is guaranteed.

The aim of the training is to provide competency-based training to security managers regarding their role and responsibilities in the establishment and maintenance of the security and internal quality control program, including its implementation, arising from the applicable law and regulations in accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/1998 11.2.2 and 11.2.5.

After successful completion participants receive a recognised certificate with reference to point 11.2.5  of the Regulation (EU) 2015/1998 which is valid for 30 months after completing the initial training.

This course is for senior security airport managers who must have a valid and recognised certificate and have the responsibility to ensure that a security program and its implementation meet all legal requirements. In compliance with the NOBB, these training activities strengthen the national aviation security system and culture” says Eric Schoonderwoerd, JAA TO Course Development Unit Manager.

JAA TO Director Paula V. de Almeida, MEd on the recognition as a training centre: “The positive evaluations by the Dutch ministry are a great milestone in the organisation’s aviation security domain. As training organisation with Dutch roots, we are proud to support the domestic air transport industry in complying with the highest security levels.”

Dr. Alessio Quaranta, JAA TO Foundation Board Chair adds: “The recognition illustrates the proactive and successful approaches the organisation is taking in training development. This initiative is exemplary for European aviation security harmonisation.

The training is facilitated in the Dutch language only. More details can be found here: https://jaato.com/courses/1120/opleiding-security-manager-luchthavenexploitant/

For a possible English version of the course, please contact JAA TO.




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The JAA Training Organisation (JAA TO) is a Dutch non-profit organisation and an Associated Body of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC). JAA TO has a history of 50 years training the aviation industry and national authorities on regulation in the air transport sector. JAA TO is the only Training Centre of Excellence – Platinum (TCE) in Europe recognised by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and a leading member of the EASA Virtual Academy (EVA).

JAA TO schedules more than 300 training courses annually on topics such as safety, security, drones and management. Within the aviation community, JAA TO offers a platform to learn and exchange views on latest regulatory developments. In addition, JAA TO provides advisory services, knowledge solutions, training consultancy and assistance with capacity building for (aviation) training departments.