ICAO Government Safety Inspector (GSI) courses

JAA TO delivers the training course “ICAO GSI Operations – Air Operator Certification – 18700” for the first time!

JAA TO, 01 July 2018, The Netherlands

From 4 to 20 June, JAA TO was pleased to deliver the training course “ICAO GSI Operations – Air Operator Certification – 18700” for the first time! Professionals from the civil aviation authorities of several countries, as Italy, Azerbaijan, Benin, Israel, Curacao and Croatia, benefited from the experience and expertise of the highly qualified instructor, which came from ICAO to teach them at JAA TO.

The training was developed as a collaborative effort between the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in order to provide operations, airworthiness, and personnel licensing aviation safety inspectors, on a worldwide basis, with uniform skills and knowledge to conduct specific safety oversight functions.

This course has the duration of 13 days, so the course participants had very productive days! In this course, participants are being introduced to the five-phase certification process, according to ICAO's SARPs and MCARs. Knowing the fundamental steps involved in certificating an air transport operator is essential for good operations inspectors.

Habib Aboukhedoud, from the CAA Benin (Agence Nationale De L'aviation Civile Du Benin), was at JAA TO attending the training course. On June 20, his class completed the course and he told us in a video interview what he thought about it and how it will help his job as an inspector in Benin! Watch the video at our YouTube channel.

Mr. Domenico Sarra, from the Ente Nazionale per l'Aviazione Civile (ENAC, Italy), also attended the training course. In a video, he told us about his background and how the course helped him.

Mr. Oscar Wason, from the Curacao Civil Aviation Authority, also attended the training course and told us a bit about his experience in a video interview.

The instructor of the course gave us an interview, alerting CAAs about the importance of all the GSI courses. Watch it at the JAA TO YouTube channel.

Learn more about the course at the course page