Going digital. Virtual courses offer flexibility in aviation training.


Schiphol-Rijk, The Netherlands. March 25, 2020. Due to the situation regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), JAA Training Organisation (JAA TO) follows recommended public safety measures directed by the Dutch government and closes all educational activities in-house and, with it, its headquarters in Schiphol-Rijk from 20 March to April 6. JAA TO remains fully operational with staff working remotely and training courses now being delivered virtually, providing the organisation and participants with new opportunities in real-time distance learning.

Eligible training courses scheduled between 18 March and 6 April will be held virtually and move to a digital platform which lets participants experience real-time distance learning. After the first successful trial, JAA TO can now comfortably expand its virtual course portfolio and thus provide aviation professionals globally with high-quality training solutions in times where physical presence is put to test and social distancing is recommended. The virtual course offerings are extended into the April schedule.

Through this new mode of training, JAA TO offers a flexible alternative to its standard classroom training delivery. Especially in these days, knowledge and education make for vital skills enabling aviation professionals to do their jobs diligently and in doing so, largely contribute to the global health situation.

JAA TO Director Ms. Paula V. de Almeida, who has a Master’s Degree in Education, on the decision to offer training online: “Delivering training courses virtually is a solution that JAA TO is offering, thinking with our clients, during this very difficult, uncertain times. We are constantly fine-tuning the best approaches and making sure we can guarantee maximum effectiveness.”

Courses eligible for virtual delivery remain the same in content compared to classroom training courses, with equal educational and competency-based outputs. The methodology is adapted to distance-learning, generating an innovative and unique delivery mode developed by the Course Development Unit (CDU). In consultation with the instructor leading the virtual course, special attention will be given to material and classroom equipment which would otherwise have been used in classroom settings, as well as considering technological features of the video and audio transmission to the virtual participants. JAA TO’s specialized CDU, with Learning & Development professionals, assists the online sessions and supports the instructor(s) by securing quality and facilitation throughout the entire duration of the virtual courses.

President of JAA TO Board Mr. Alessio Quaranta is very pleased with this initiative, stating that “the virtual training solution is a most suitable and effective approach during these times in which the entire world is adopting measures limiting participants and instructors from travelling to us. This not only enables JAA TO to continue operations, but most importantly, allows aviation professionals to keep having the opportunity to remain and become competent to perform their jobs and contribute, especially right now, to the safety of the versatile aviation system which is transforming daily amongst the emerging challenge”.

JAA TO is closely monitoring the developments around COVID-19 in order to accommodate all its stakeholders and make informed business decisions. Currently, the organisation is working diligently to provide training solutions at global capacity. In the context of the global pandemic and the test it puts on worldwide systems, much versatility is needed from everyone – including aviation professionals. Through virtual course delivery, JAA TO continues its mission to deliver highest quality solutions for capacitating aviation professionals and organisations globally. Thanks to JAA TO’s team of specialized learning and development professionals, as well as their customer service and sales experts, possibilities to customize blended course programs start to flourish with interesting combinations that make it most suitable for each client’s needs. The goal being delivering to them the most optimal solutions to address their current challenges and ensure their aviation professionals remain and become competent to their now fast-changing job in these pressing times the aviation industry goes through. For more information on JAA TO’s myriad of learning and knowledge solutions please contact them at training@jaato.com.

JAA TO is currently contacting registered participants informing them about the possibilities of virtual course delivery. For more information about course registrations, schedules and updates check the JAA TO website and social media channels.

JAA TO would like to thank all of its stakeholders for their continued support and understanding. The headquarter’s doors might be closed but JAA TO’s spirit and commitment to aviation training has no limit. Stay safe and healthy.


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