JAA TO and CAD Serbia Forge a Year-long Exclusive Training Partnership



Belgrade, Serbia. 10 November 2023 – The JAA Training Organisation (JAA TO) is proud to announce the signing of a one-year comprehensive framework training agreement with the Civil Aviation Directorate of Serbia (CAD) starting in January 2024. This agreement marks a deepening of the cooperative relationship between the two parties, emphasising a mutual commitment to advancing aviation safety and regulatory standards.

The exclusive arrangement encompasses diverse training deliveries, including classroom instruction, virtual learning, and online courses; both at the JAA TO headquarters and in Serbia. Underlining the breadth and depth of JAA TO’s expertise, Serbia’s CAA personnel will engage in an extensive range of courses. Key areas will include critical components in maintaining and enhancing aviation safety and compliance such as EASA Airworthiness, Auditing Techniques, Search and Rescue (SAR) operations, Human Factors, and more.

A significant highlight of this collaboration is CAD Serbia’s interest in the uniquely designed UAS Diploma offered exclusively by JAA TO. This programme represents a forward-thinking approach to the rapidly evolving field of drone technology and regulation, positioning Serbian professionals at the forefront of this sector. By taking this sequenced learning path, CAD Serbia demonstrates its commitment to developing a cadre of highly skilled drone professionals, equipped to meet the challenges and opportunities of this innovative domain.

JAA TO CEO Paula V. de Almeida on the strategic importance of this partnership: "This agreement with the Civil Aviation Directorate of Serbia sets a new precedent for comprehensive capacity-building in aviation safety and regulatory compliance within the region. We are working diligently to embark on this collaboration with Serbia, enhancing our collective expertise and fortifying the aviation sector's resilience for this ECAC Member State and beyond."

Signing the agreement for CAD Serbia, Goran Jovičić Assistant Director General adds: “Today marks the successful conclusion of our thoughtfully designed and highly anticipated training agenda for the coming years. The Directorate is very pleased to partner with a global leader in regulatory aviation training on these training facilitation and capacity-building activities. Using JAA TO resources will enable the Directorate to continue its focus on achieving a more reliable and efficient development of aviation safety systems.”

JAA TO expresses profound gratitude for the constructive planning and drafting phase leading up to this agreement. The proactive engagement and visionary commitment of CAD Serbia has been instrumental in shaping this agreement which sets a precedent for future collaborations.

For more information about JAA TO’s UAS Diploma and its training programs, please visit https://jaato.com/uas-diploma/

About the Civil Aviation Directorate of Serbia:

The Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia is a public agency, the founder’s rights over which are exercised by the Government on behalf of the Republic of Serbia, and which performs the state administration activities entrusted to it by law. The legal status of the Directorate has been defined in the Air Transport Law.

The Directorate enacts the regulations and individual legal, issues public identification documents, maintains records, performs the audit and inspection of aviation entities, participates in the work of international civil aviation organizations and institutions and their working bodies, and cooperates with competent authorities of other countries and exercises other functions under the said law or other regulations.

Directorate was established in the legal form of the public agency in 2010, by enacting the said Air Transport Law.



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