Albanian CAA has in-house training courses by JAA TO

The two last weeks have been very active for the personnel at the Albanian Civil Aviation Authority

JAA TO, 08 August 2018, The Netherlands

After the Training Needs Analysis (a new Program provided by JAA TO and exclusively to the CAAs of ECAC Member States), the CAA of Albania decided to hire JAA TO’s services for a few training courses, which were considered essential to the Albanian CAA inspectors. Two of them have already occurred.

From 24 to 26 July, JAA TO trained the professionals from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Albania. The training course “ICAO & EASA Safety Management System Requirements – Introduction” had the duration of three days. It is made to develop and implement an effective Safety Management System - this is one of the biggest challenges in modern aviation organisations. The training JAA TO delivered that week at the Civil Aviation Authority of Albania provided its delegates with the opportunity to meet such challenges head-on.

We asked the CAA Albania why they requested this specific course and they answered: “The Albanian Civil Aviation Authority identified this as one of the courses needed for a better qualified, efficient staff in exercising its national regulatory competences and fulfilling the requirements of international organizations as ICAO and EASA”, said Mrs. Megi Xharo, International Relations of the CAA Albania, on behalf of the team.

“We recommend this course to the beginners in the regulatory aspects of civil aviation, as it serves as a basis to better understand and fulfill the requirements of ICAO and EASA in safety management”, says Mrs. Xharo. The JAA TO-qualified instructor Bas provided them with the tools, knowledge and methodology to successfully implement an SMS in their organisation.

Learn more about the course on the course page

From 06 to 08 August, JAA TO was delivering another training course at the Albanian CAA. This time the training was on “Human Factors/Crew Resource Management”.

“I believe this course is very important, as it affects Human Performances daily. Awareness is raised at the Human Performance Limitations and all factors that affect it, so we can improve Human Performance. The training course is interesting as it covers many issues like History of CRM, Stress and Work Load, Sleep and Fatigue, Human Errors and Threat and Error Management”, said Mr. Erjon Tema, from the Albanian CAA.

“I highly recommend this course to all inspectors, in order to be aware of all factors that affect human performance and how to better apply these methods”, affirmed Mr. Erjon Tema, from the Albanian CAA.

Learn more about the training on the course page.

Why JAA TO and Why In-house?

“I personally believe that JAA TO is one of the important training organizations in the field of Civil Aviation”, said Mr. Erjon Tema, from the Albanian CAA. “JAA TO is one of the most accredited training institutions in the field of civil aviation. We have had a great experience throughout the years where many of our inspectors have continued to improve their skills in order to be more efficient in accomplishing our goals. We have had a great experience so far and we are looking forward to accomplishing the rest of the courses”, said Mrs. Megi Xharo, International Relations of the CAA Albania, in behalf of the team.

Asked about why did the Albanian CAA choose to have the training course delivered at their location, he said: “This course, as well as some important courses, are currently underway in the Albanian CAA. I believe it’s cost-effective and a unique and interesting idea.” If your company or CAA would like to have a JAA TO training at location as well, you can request at our website.