ICAO Validation Session of JAA TO Drone/UAS-RPC Training


Schiphol-Rijk, The Netherlands. 27th August, 2020. The official ICAO validation session of JAA TO’s course Competency and Licensing of UAS Remote Pilots (European Categories) (UAS-RPC) will take place from 1 – 3 September 2020. For the objective of successful assessment, 14 qualified participants are registered for the course who will be instructed by JAA TO’s Faculty Manager on Drones Prof. Filippo Tomasello.

The UAS-RPC course is an ICAO Training Package (ITP), jointly developed by ICAO and JAA TO, using the competency-based training methodology (Doc 9941). This ITP is based on ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) in Annex 1 (Personnel Licensing), including amendment 175 (i.e. Remote Pilot License – RPL), which is applicable from November 2022. The drone training is aimed to provide the necessary knowledge, skills and attribute to apply the European Union (EU) regulations for competence of remote pilots in accordance with ICAO SARPs.

Training outcomes will be of high importance in developing expertise and encouraging standard practices based on the correct application of the European Regulations. As a result, correct application of provisions for competencies of remote pilots will assure the safety of all air users and third parties on the ground.

The objective of this validation phase addresses the design of the training course and all its supporting documents (including the modules’ plan verification, the information contained in the presentations, as well as the handouts, exercises and mastery tests) in order to verify whether the course complies with the ICAO competency-based training methodology. After successful validation, this training course, JAA TO’s newest development in the Drone/UAS discipline, will be officially approved as ICAO Training Package (ITP) for labeling.

The ICAO ITP Competency and Licensing of UAS Remote Pilots (European Categories) (UAS-RPC) will be the world’s first virtually delivered ITP from a Regional Centre of Excellence (RTCE). It will also constitute for JAA TO’s first ICAO ITP in its renowned Drone/UAS category. All the organisation’s other drone courses recently received recognition by the Joint Authorities for Rulemaking on Unmanned Systems (JARUS), making it the first training organisation in the world to apply this label.

After final ICAO validation JAA TO plans to schedule implementation of the course starting mid-September 2020.

Filippo Tomasello, JAA TO’s UAS Faculty Manager and Senior Partner at EuroUSC Italia, and Costantino Senatore, Flight Test and Operations Manager at EuroUSC Italia, have been designated instructors of the course. 

 “The team worked more than two years to reach this validation session.” explains Filippo Tomasello, “it was hard, since UAS are still a novel subject and since the scope of ICAO and EU [European Union] provisions is not the same. But now we are very proud that UAS-RPC may well become the first course of our faculty recognised by ICAO.”

JAA TO Director Ms. Paula V. de Almeida expands on the uniqueness of the imminent ITP validation: As RTCE, JAA TO is selectively qualified to development of ICAO ITPs. This ITP makes JAA TO once again pioneers because it is deliverable as both virtual and classroom course. This specialty is a breakthrough in the field of learning and development, as well as in aviation.”


For more information about UAS courses, schedules and registrations check the JAA TO website, social media channels or contact training@jaato.com. The JAA TO UAS courses are also available virtually!



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