Chairman of ANAC Portugal, Luís Miguel Ribeiro, Appointed as Third Member of JAA TO Foundation Board

At the occasion of the 68th Special Meeting of the ECAC Directors General in Málaga, Spain, Mr. Luís Miguel Ribeiro, Chairman of the Board of ANAC Portugal, was appointed as the third member of the JAA TO Foundation Board, within a separate session of the ECAC Coordinating Committee (CC). Mr. Ribeiro was elected by the CC members, representatives of the 44 ECAC Directors General of Civil Aviation.

On 29 August 2019, JAA TO Director, Paula de Almeida, joined the Special Meeting of the ECAC Directors General in Málaga, Spain, to observe the discussion about the challenges and priorities in aviation of ECAC Member states and deliver a presentation on the recent developments of JAA TO.

At the start of the first day, ECAC and its Director Generals of Civil Aviation gathered the esteemed members of their Coordinating Committee to elect the third Board Member of the ECAC Associated Training body – JAA TO. As a result, Chairman of the Board of ANAC Portugal, Mr. Luis Miguel Ribeiro was appointed to JAA TO Foundation Board.

“I am honoured to have been appointed Member of the Board of Directors of this prestigious Training Institution, and Associated Training Body of the European Civil Aviation Conference. For years ANAC’s qualified staff have received the high-quality training programs of JAA TO and now I have the privilege to be able to contribute even closer to its success and leadership in provision of Aviation Regulatory training courses in Europe and worldwide,” says Mr. Ribeiro.

Mr. Ribeiro is the 3rd member of the JAA TO Foundation Board, joining its Chairman – the Director General of ENAC Italy, Mr. Alessio Quaranta – and the Director General of Slovakia, Mr. Mario Németh.

About Mr. Ribeiro's appointment, Mr. Quaranta remarked, “The JAA TO Foundation Board will greatly benefit from Mr. Ribeiro’s solid track record. His vast experience makes him very suitable to help us maintain and expand the success of ECAC’s training body.”

Director of JAA TO, Mrs. Paula de Almeida, along with her team of professionals, prepares to welcome all members of the JAA TO Foundation Board at the new, state-of-the-art training centre in Schiphol-Rijk.

Delighted with this appointment, Mrs. Paula de Almeida states, “a robust Board of competent, supportive and committed Directors is one of the driving forces for remaining the top organisation capacitating aviation professionals worldwide. Mr. Ribeiro complements this perfectly.”


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