Unique JAA TO event for ECAC Directors General


Schiphol-Rijk, The Netherlands. November 7, 2019 – As the Associated Body of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) JAA TO organised its first High Level Brainstorm Training Session for ECAC Directors General on recently implemented EU drone regulations. All ECAC Member States were formally invited to join the forum. The brainstorm training offered a great opportunity to discuss challenges related to the implementation of relevant drone regulations as well as encouraged sharing ideas and possible solutions amongst various aviation stakeholders.

The High Level Brainstorm Training Session welcomed ECAC Director Generals and their appointees to JAA TO’s new state-of-the-art training center in Schiphol-Rijk, the Netherlands, in order to discuss experiences with implementation of new EU regulation on drones, e.g. Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2019/945 and Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/947.

JAA TO was pleased to have Filippo Tomasello, Subject-Matter-Expert and JAA TO’s Faculty Manager on UAS/Drones as the lead instructor presenting the EU regulations and discussing possible application approaches in the entire ECAC area with the representatives present. Based on potential challenges the regulations impose at state level, the participants brainstormed ideas for practical recommendations and activities to overcome the implementation demands. The afternoon session was concluded by the different groups presenting their topical suggestions and allowing for debate among the attendees.

Among the attendees were Chairman of the Board ANAC Portugal, Luís Miguel Ribeiro ( who is also a member of the JAA TO Foundation Board), other ECAC Member State Director Generals and experts from the aviation and drone field.

The forum opened ways of communication and collaboration among ECAC Member States for safe and efficient regulation implementation on state level. However, participants voiced their positivity of a pan-European cooperative initiative as such.

 “The High Level Brainstorm session was an educational experience in a relaxed atmosphere. I concluded that most countries experience the same challenges, therefor I would recommend future JAA TO brainstorm sessions to my colleagues from the ECAC Member States to help discussing practical solutions for our common interest.” – Patrick Vanheyste, Director General by replacement Belgian Civil Aviation Authority

With closing remarks by JAA TO’s Director Paula Vieira de Almeida this first-of-its-kind brainstorming session closed successfully. Participants were invited to stay on the premises for an informal cocktail and Dutch snacks at JAA TO’s training centre. The JAA TO and participants mutually benefitted from the active participation and knowledge sharing during this event giving motivation for similar events in the future.

“My overall impression is that the event went really well, from various perspectives. JAA TO has a unique set of networks which gives us access to regulatory development in its early stages. This grants us the privilege of being predictive on upcoming implementation challenges for Member States. Hence, our first experience in delivering such high-level brainstorm training session confirmed to us how needed and beneficial such platform is for the entire ECAC area.” – Director JAA TO Paula Vieira de Almeida

The positivity was also shared by the Chairman of the JAA TO Foundation Board Alessio Quaranta.

“JAA TO’s team of professionals took my initial idea onboard and organised this unique forum exclusively for ECAC Member States. I am very positive on this initiative because it enables JAA TO, as ECAC Associated Body, to play a very important role in complementing ECAC’s objectives in its mission to promote the continued development of a safe, efficient and sustainable European air transport system.”

JAA TO’s Course Development Unit (CDU) has worked passionately on developing the unique methodology most adequate to the brainstorming mode of learning. Thanks to the interactive method participants gained practical output as Director Almeida concludes:

“The establishment of thoughts and possible solutions, developed by the participants themselves, can be considered more in details once their return to their organisation. This is what JAA TO calls the “awakening” process. Our training courses go beyond teaching. We seek to trigger, inspire and enable solutions based on everyone’s own background and learning experience.”

JAA TO would like to thank the ECAC Board of Directors, ECAC Member States’ Directors General and appointees for their appreciation and participation. As a result of the overall positive outcome JAA TO is looking forward to organising similar initiatives on other top regulatory developments in the future.


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