New ICAO Training Package (ICAO ITP) on CAPSCA


Schiphol-Rijk, 8 October 2019, The Netherlands – JAA TO has introduced a new online course developed to capacitate airport and public health authorities on an international and/or national level. The online course, “Conducting a technical assistance visit to CAPSCA Member States and Airports” was developed in close collaboration with the subject-matter specialists from CAPSCA-EUR, and by coordination of the specialised United Nations agency for aviation – The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

The Collaborative Arrangement for the Prevention and Management of Public Health Events in Civil Aviation (CAPSCA) is an ICAO-coordinated programme with the objective to mitigate the impact and spread of potential public health epidemics – those such as SARS, H1N1/Swine flu, Ebola, Zika, for a few examples from recent years.

Dr. Ansa Jordaan, Chief, Aviation Medicine Section, Air Navigation Bureau, ICAO, provided a statement about the collaboration and predicted impact of the course, “This course emphasizes the importance of collaboration and cooperation between multiple stakeholders in the aviation and public health sectors, which is absolutely essential to ensure safe and sustainable air transport while at the same time mitigating the impact of the public health emergencies at various levels.”

Director of JAA Training Organisation, Paula de Almeida states, “The development process of the CAPSCA course from JAA TO was a project of passion.  The JAA TO Course Development Unit (CDU) has worked tirelessly and very effectively to provide the experts from CAPSCA-EUR with a platform and means to share their knowledge with public health experts. I am proud to see those efforts realised and look forward to the impactful result in the overall aviation system.”

‘Conducting a Technical Assistance Visit to CAPSCA Member States and Airports’ is the first aviation medicine training course available that deals with public health matters in aviation that has been developed up to the high standards of the ICAO competency-based training methodology.

President of the JAA TO Foundation Board, Vice-President of ECAC, and Director general of the Italian ECAC member state, Alessio Quaranta, provided a statement about the necessity of CAPSCA for ECAC member states. “I believe the CAPSCA programme will result in an overall safer and healthier community among member states of ECAC, who will certainly strive to uphold the standards and practices outlined in the CAPSCA programme.”

The new online course Conducting a technical assistance visit to CAPSCA Member States and Airports’ is now available for registration.