JAA TO Training Centre is Relocating to Schiphol-Rijk

After 28 years of JAA history in the Dutch town of Hoofddorp, the Netherlands, the Joint Aviation Authorities Training Organisation is relocating its operations to Beechavenue 1-19, Schiphol-Rijk – even closer to Amsterdam International Airport. The new location comes equipped with upgraded facilities, stylish interior design, and more space to accommodate growth.

July 1st, 2019, JAA TO facilities will relocate to a new training centre in Schiphol-Rijk. This relocation represents an important milestone in JAA TO history and the transformation which the organisation has undergone.

Beginning as the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA), our institution was essential in harmonising European aviation regulations as we know them today. In 2002, JAA began transferring the rule-making activities to the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), and the training activities continued separately by the JAA Training Office which provided training for the regulations we helped create.

Several years later, JAA as a ruling body was dissolved and the training activities continued as the JAA Training Organisation: now operating in close cooperation with some of the most important institutions in aviation regulation: including ICAO, as its leading European Regional Training Centre of Excellence (RTCE), the EASA, as an active member of the EASA Virtual Academy (EVA), and the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC), as its only associated body.

Today, JAA TO continues to serve the aviation industry as the trusted training centre for capacitating aviation professionals in regulatory matters.

As we at JAA TO look back on our history, we are proud of where this journey has taken us so far. Our new facilities enable us to effectively deliver high quality training for capacitating aviation professionals.

The new look of JAA TO

At JAA TO, we are committed to deliver the best overall learning experience to the aviation professionals who come to us. That’s why we prioritised designing our new space by creating a look and feel that is both enjoyable and conducive to learning.

Much like the JAA TO current facilities, the aviation-theme will be carried over to the Schiphol-Rijk location. Each floor is designed with a different theme, based on an aviation element in mind. Starting at the ground floor, where the history of aviation is featured throughout the lobby. Visitors will be welcomed with a walk-through aviation history, featuring artwork of triplanes and recognizable pilots.

Classrooms and break-out spaces begin on the ground floor, along a fully stocked lounge where participants can take a break and mingle with other aviation professionals comfortably. Conveying a theme of safety, this floor features yellow accents and decoration that reflects the feeling of an airport runway.

The second floor holds even more classrooms and features blue accents to convey a theme of flying through the sky. At this floor, participants will be at just the right height to view planes landing and taking off at Schiphol airport.

JAA TO staff and offices will reside on the third floor of the new building. Not only does the staff floor utilize the “JAA Red” style, but the entirety of JAA staff will work on the same floor. This is a significant step from the Hoofddorp training centre, where staff offices are in two separate buildings. From now on our red passion for aviation safety as a team of committed professionals will breathe through our work environment.

Finally, the lowest level hosts the JAA TO restaurant and outdoor terrace with green accents. Lunch will be served in a buffet-style, and as always, will be included in the price of the course. While our kitchen and lunchroom may be getting an upgrade, regular JAA TO participants should be glad to know that the kitchen staff will be relocating with us!

Making room for growth

The need to deliver more courses which are already on demand, host more visitors, and support a growing staff was one of the most important triggers that lead us to relocate the JAA TO training centre. The new facilities will feature more classrooms that can handle larger groups of participants, while maintaining the intimacy and personal touch of a smaller class. Every room is sound-proofed and equipped with a state-of-the-art audio and visual set-up -- providing our instructors with a streamlined procedure for teaching that improves the overall classroom experience.

Along with additional classrooms, the new training facility will also feature more break-out spaces for group activities, more space to relax, and lounges where participants can gather and meet with other aviation professionals.


About the area of Schiphol-Rijk

Relocating our facilities closer to the airport in Schiphol-Rijk makes the training centre more accessible to our visitors from around the globe. Schiphol-Rijk is close enough so that it is easily accessible by car, bike, and public transport, but far enough away so that the daily activities of the airport do not interfere with classes. So, whilst we will have a clear enjoyable view of the international Amsterdam airport, we will not experience any disruption to the training activities.

Schiphol-Rijk is home to several hotels where incoming course participants can stay while they attend courses — most of which are within walking distance.  There is also a public bus stop right outside the building, which makes it easy for course participants to explore the area, visit Amsterdam city, or connect to and from Schiphol airport.




If you will be participating in a course at JAA TO and are unsure how this relocation affects you, please send your inquiries to training@jaato.com.

For any other inquiries regarding our relocation, please get in touch at facilites@jaato.com.

Press contact: Alex Presley, Marketing & Communications officer: communications@jaato.com