40th ICAO Assembly

Schiphol-Rijk, 4 October 2019. The 40th Assembly of the International Civil Aviation Conference (ICAO) was held in Montréal from 24 September to 4 October 2019. In total, 2700 participants were registered to represent their countries and observer organisations during this event.

Every three years, the Assembly takes place at ICAO’s headquarters. JAA TO, being a leading institute in Aviation Regulatory Training, and the Training Arm of the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC), has the privilege of being invited as “International Organisation” - alongside the high-level representatives of ICAO's 193 Member Countries. The Assembly is ICAO’s sovereign body establishing its worldwide policy for the upcoming triennium.

JAA TO was honored to be invited and participate in the assembly. Whilst the President of the JAA TO Foundation Board, Alessio Quaranta, represented the Italian delegation as the Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority, ENAC, JAA TO was represented also by its Director, Paula Vieira de Almeida as “Chief Observer” and its Business Developer & Strategist, Eric Schoonderwoerd as “Observer”.  

Mr. Quaranta, who is also the Vice-President of ECAC, stated that “the participation of JAA TO in the Assembly as an observer was important to explore all that is relevant for the development, revamp and creation of new and innovative aviation learning & knowledge solutions in the aviation fields of Safety, Security and Facilitation.”

The privilege of being able to participate of such important platform enables JAA TO to have a front row seat at ICAO’s display of its strategic vision to ensure the safe, secure and sustainable development of the entire global aviation network”, states Mrs. Almeida, concluding that “this equips JAA TO with crucial knowledge and information for the development of training courses which will address current and future training needs of aviation professionals and organisations all over the world.”