ETSO & POA to engineers in Taiwan

JAA TO, 13 November 2018, The Netherlands

Understanding the requirements of Initial Airworthiness can be difficult, but with the support of our specialists it is much easier. On 25 - 27 September 2018, our instructor Pim went to Taiwan to deliver the training course “ETSO/POA (Subpart G + EASA Internal POA working procedures)” to trainees from the Aerospace Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC) and the CAA of Taiwan. Installers of parts and appliances on-board an aircraft can use the European Technical Standard Order authorisation (frequently referred as ETSO authorisation) to demonstrate that the installation complies with the applicable certification for the changed aircraft. The ETSO can be considered complex to understand, but the feedback on the JAA TO course delivery was rewarding.

All the engineers who attended the course were very positive about it. “The reference material is very clear, and it helps to understand the procedure of how to receive an ETSOA/POA certification. The instructor is patient and enthusiastic”, said Yu-Siang Lin. “It was very helpful that Pim gave us some examples when explaining the regulations”, commented Cheng-Hsuan Yeh. “After the training course, I realised the whole process of application”, said Yu-Shuan Chang. “The instructor handles the course very well, providing a clear view on the EASA regulation”, confirmed Ping-Tien Liu. At last, Ren Chieh Chen, Senior Engineer of the QA Department, affirmed: “The course is a good start to show us the right direction to reach the certificate of ETSO”.

Obtaining an ETSO authorisation can be time consuming. As such, the course helps professionals of organisations that wish to be involved in the Design and Certification of ETSO articles to understand it quicker. It also helps non-EASA Member State organisations applying for direct EASA ETSO Authorisation and Airworthiness Authorities intending to implement the relevant (EC) legislation. “I think it is a little complicated and it will cost us a lot of time to get the approval, but we won't give up”, said Yu-Shuan Chang.

The JAA TO training course indeed provides very useful information. It explains, for example, the EASA internal working procedure for ETSO Authorisation as well as the internal working procedure applicable to Design Organisations applying for design approval under the alternative procedures. Knowledge is delivered in a very didactic manner. At the end of the training, attendees should have a good understanding of all the steps necessary to obtain an EASA ETSO Authorisation and the tasks and responsibilities of the Design Organisation.

Ching-Yi Chang confirmed: “The lecturer expressed himself clearly with useful examples and lead us to the correct understanding. The materials of the training course, which were prepared by the lecturer, are useful for reference. After the training, I understand certification procedures clearer. To sum up, it improved my knowledge and understanding”.

Other professionals in the Company were of similar opinion. Bing-Hao Wang said: “The ADOA/POA training gave us useful information with practical examples to guide us to fully understand regulations at a glance. We thank the instructor, who was patient with all kinds of questions, offering pragmatic answers”. Tai-Yang Lee confirmed: “The ETSO training was very helpful to familiarise us with the ETSO authorisation process and the Design Organisation alternative procedure approval process”.

The managers were also very happy with the course. JENG-SHIANG WANG, Senior Manager of the QA Department, said it was an “excellent training course held by extremely experienced tutor, who knows everything about EASA certifications”. CHIANG TSUNG JUNG, CM Manager, declared: “It is very helpful for us to understand how to process design change”. Chungli Huang, Senior Manager, declared: “Excellent training course. It not only includes EASA regulation/AMC/GM explanation but also shares practical experiences”.

Hsieh Cheng Yu, CM Specialist, is aware that “it is necessary to comprehensively apply ETSO and it's hard to do it without help”. He was thankful to the JAA TO Qualified instructor, who solved their questions with detailed explanations.  

This training was specially designed for the client in Taiwan, but you can check the course which originated it on our website: