EASA Balloon Air Operations

In April 2019, all those involved with balloon operations in Europe should be compliant

JAA TO, 16 August 2018, The Netherlands

INTERVIEW - In March 2018, the European Union published a new regulation (EU) 2018/395 concerning Balloon Air Operations. At the same time, the regulation (EU) 2018/394, removing balloon operations from Regulation Air Operations, was published. It means a regulation just for balloons! We talked with Gert, JAA TO- qualified instructor & Faculty Manager, to understand more about this change and what the consequences of it are.

JAA TO: Gert, what is the biggest impact of this change for balloon operations?

Gert: It means that, by April 2019, all those involved with balloon operations in Europe should be compliant. If they are not compliant, the authorities will give them a penalty or even prohibit them to fly, if the findings are putting into risk the safety of civilians.

JAA TO: How come that you know so much about the topic?

Gert: I find it a very exciting topic. In fact, I own and fly a balloon myself, I'm passionate about it. Aviation safety also in this area is important, so I bring together my passion and my knowledge in regulations to help compliance. We have developed the training course “EASA Balloon Air Operations” to help operators and authorities to understand the new rule.

JAA TO: Who should definitely be in this course?

Gert: If you are a balloon operator, an individual balloon pilot, a CAA inspector, a balloon festival organiser, or an aviation police officer, this course is essential for you.

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