Risk Management and Management of Change Workshop

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11 - 12 March 2021 Available
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€ 1145.00


This 2 day workshop focusses on Risk Management and Management of Change, two subjects that have been introduced with the EASA Regulations and are still fairly new in the aviation Industry. It is based on the SxP model and the bow-tie model which is recognised in the financial world, the oil and gas industry and also in the aviation industry as Best Practice.

This course will explain how to successfully carry out risk assessments of identified hazards and avoid common mistakes. It will also show how to incorporate safety incidents in risk assessments and how to carry out risk assessments as part of Management of Change procedures to ensure successful implementation of change. After every theory session, there will be practical exercises, so newly acquired skills can be put to the test.


  • Understand the added business value of making operational decisions on the basis of a risk assessment
  • Appreciate the impact of successful risk management on the oversight cycle and understanding the risk management requirements
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of different models
  • Understand how management of change work
  • Understand the ARMS methodology
  • Be familiarized with the different kinds of software available to facilitate risk management

Course Content

  • The necessity of risk management
  • Legislative requirements
  • S x P Model
  • Disadvantages of S x P
  • Exercises
  • Bow Tie Model
  • Exercises
  • Documentation (Risk register and forms)
  • Management of Change
  • Risk Assessing events and FDM results with ARMS
  • Software

Who should take this course

Aviaton industry at large: Aerodromes, Maintenance Organisations, Operators, Authorities


Knowledge about (safety) management systems.


2 days, starting at 9:00 on the first day and ending at 17:00 on the last day.

Locations & Dates
JAA TO Virtual
11 - 12 March 2021 Available
€ 1145.00