Performance Based Navigation (PBN) - Introduction

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12 May 2021 Available
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Historically, aircraft navigation specifications have been specified directly in terms of sensors (navigation beacons and/or waypoints). A navigation specification that includes an additional requirement for on-board navigation performance monitoring and alerting is referred to as a required navigation performance (RNP) specification. One not having such requirements is referred to as an area navigation (RNAV) specification.

Performance requirements are identified in navigation specifications, which also identify the choice of navigation sensors and equipment that may be used to meet the performance requirements. PBN specifications provide specific implementation guidance in order to facilitate global harmonisation.

This introduction of the PBN concept should provide the delegate with basic information on how to read and interpret the ICAO PBN Manual as well as the navigation charts and technical prerequisites to perform PBN operation.

Course Content

The following subjects will be addressed:

  • History
  • Abbreviations/Glossary
  • GPS vs. GNSS
  • AREA NAVIGATION - Definition
  • PBN applications
    • RNAV applications
    • RNP applications
    • RNP APCH
      • LNAV/VNAV
      • LP/LPV
    • GBAS

Learning Objectives

After training, the person is able to identify navigation systems in relation to PBN as well as the related performance and applications in flight operation.

Who should take this course

This training is targeted at persons who are involved in flight planning, flight operation and/or maintenance management affected by specific navigation capabilities of the operated equipment.


Basic knowledge of navigation types and avionics are necessary.


1 day, starting at 09.00 and ending at approx 17.00

Locations & Dates
JAA TO Virtual
12 May 2021 Available
€ 625.00