Maintenance Programme (Large Aircraft)

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This course is developed to provide a solid basis for those who manage, supervise and administer large aeroplane Maintenance Programmes. It is set up in a way the participant will gain the essential knowledge to develop and effectively manage the Maintenance Programme(s). Throughout the course, there will be exercises to apply the obtained knowledge. After the course, you should be able to develop and optimize the maintenance programme procedures and planning system in your CAMO. The following topics will be discussed:

  • Introduction to the international standards and regulations
  • Design-Related Scheduled Maintenance Requirements
  • Maintenance Steering Group Analysis
  • In-Service Management of Maintenance Programmes
  • Reliability Programmes

Course Content

  1. Introduction. 
    A brief introduction to the international standards and regulations; the regulatory structure in the States relating to maintenance programmes based on European regulations;  the continuing airworthiness requirements issued by EASA related to maintenance programmes; and continuing airworthiness management of an aircraft.

  2. Design Related Scheduled Maintenance Requirements. 
    This module is intended to introduce the candidate to the processes which in the course of Type Certification, may lead to the development of scheduled checks and inspections necessary to maintain the type certification standard of the product, including the ALI’s /CMR’s /AD’s etc.

  3. Maintenance Steering Group Analysis. 
    The maintenance and inspection standards necessary to the economic viability as well as the essential airworthiness of the aircraft are derived during this process and as such this module is highly relevant to planners, technical services engineers, inspectors, managers and mechanics: an understanding of the concepts are equally relevant to the quality audit personnel who are required to audit the maintenance standards themselves. In this part, the principles of the MSG-2 and MSG-3 philosophies will be discussed.

  4. In-Service Management of Maintenance Programmes. 
    In respect of the airworthiness management task which requires operators to review the effectiveness of their maintenance programme on a regular basis: the economic issues cannot be easily isolated from safety issues however and this module endeavours to provide guidance in this area. In this module the following items will be addressed in detail:

    • MRB/MPD, Sampling programs, Maintenance Scheduling Concepts (Block/Equalized/Flexible).
    • Customization of the Maintenance programme, Bridging checks and low utilization maintenance programme and Escalations.

  5. Reliability Programmes. 
    This module is intended to describe the principle processes associated with reliability programmes. The potential problems associated with the management and interpretation of the programmes are discussed and explored and the important issues associated with effective data management are also highlighted. The principle characteristics of effective reliability programmes are highlighted.

Learning Objectives

  • Familiarise candidates with TC Holder processes relating to maintenance programme (MP) development
  • Provide an explanation of the principles underlying the TC processes, including maintenance steering group analysis, certification maintenance requirements, design requirements relating to scheduled maintenance
  • Familiarise candidates with the processes associated with operator management of maintenance programmes including escalation and optimisation, component off-wing programmes, alignment checks
  • Familiarise candidates with the documents necessary for the effective management of maintenance programmes including the MRB report and MPD
  • Provide an explanation for and illustrate the significance of the interactions between design requirements, maintenance programme development, maintenance standards and inspection standards
  • Familiarise candidates with reliability programmes

Who should take this course

  • Maintenance programme and reliability Engineers
  • Postholder maintenance in the CAMO
  • Airline Auditor
  • Defence airworthiness personal
  • Compliance Monitoring staff
  • CAA personal


Some experience and knowledge of Part M.


5 days, starting at 09:00 and finishing at around 16:30. An examination is offered on day 5 - examination fee included in the course fee. 

Locations & Dates
JAA TO Virtual
Dates not yet confirmed
JAA TO Schiphol-Rijk Netherlands
08 - 12 July 2024 Fully booked
07 - 11 October 2024 Available
09 - 13 December 2024 Available
€ 2800.00