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Introduction to Aviation Regulations

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08 March 2021 Available
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The course will outline the overall regulatory framework of civil aviation and introduce delegates to the various regulatory bodies and the rules and laws made by them.

In particular the course will cover:

  • Elementary knowledge for the organization and management of a scheduled or charter flight in compliance with the international and EU regulations;
  • Who is who, from National Civil Aviation Authorities, ICAO, Joint Aviation Authorities to EASA;
  • European Regulations;
  • The airline structure;
  • The airline licence and A.O.C.;
  • The European "Open Sky";
  • Aircraft leasing; and
  • Consumer protection.

Course Content

In details, the course will cover:


Elementary knowledge for the organization and management of a scheduled or charter flight in compliance with the international and EU regulations.

A/ Who is who?

From National Civil Aviation Authorities, ICAO, Joint Aviation Authorities to EASA

  • The need for a comprehensive regulatory environment
  • The Chicago Convention and ICAO: structure, rule making procedures and annexes to the Convention
  • ECAC and the origin of JAA
  • Transition from JAA to EASA: rule making, implementation, authority of EASA
  • Remaining authority of the National Civil Aviation Authorities v. the authority of EASA.

B/ European Regulations:

  • The rule making procedures in the EU: The European Institutions (Parliament – European Commission).
  • The importance of European Regulations – relation with national rules, relation with ICAO AMC’s.
  • The most important regulations and domains of authority of the EC:
    - The regulatory ‘packages’
    - Regulations on operations, maintenance, handling and airport slots
    - Regulations on Consumer protection

 C/ The airline structure:

  • The operational structure of an EASA compliant airline.
  • The importance of the airline quality and safety management system.
  • The structure of airline maintenance. Relevant responsibilities.
  • Responsibilities of the airline postholders.
  • Responsibilities of airline personnel. (flying – non flying)
  • Who needs a license? Who grants the licence? Validity of the licence? (Flying, operational, maintenance).

 D/ The Airline Licence and A.O.C.

  • Difference between the Licence and A.O.C. under the EC Regulations.
  • Licence and AOC under ICAO.
  • EC Regulation 1008/2008 on licensing of air carriers: history, licensing conditions, licensing conditions as a safety item.

 E/ The European “Open Sky”.

  • Traffic rights under European Community law:
    - From bilateral to horizontal agreements
    - The relation between Europe and the USA
    - The ECAA and Euromed
  • The safety protection of the European Airspace: SAFA inspections, the control of non European airlines by the National Authorities, the European ‘black list’, the procedure before the European Air Safety Committee.
  • Airport slots and traffic rights: definition of a co-ordinated airport, the authority of the slot co-ordinator.

F/ Aircraft leasing:

  • dry lease agreements: characteristics, delivery and return conditions.
  • Wet leases or A.C.M.I. agreements: conditions under the EU Regulations, the control by the National Civil Aviation Authorities.
  • ACMI Contract structure: the role of aircraft brokers.

G/ Consumer protection:

  • EC Regulation 261/2004 on compensation in case of denied-boarding, cancellations and major delays.
  • EC Regulation 1107/2006 concerning the rights of disabled persons with reduced mobility.
  • EC Directive 2005/29/EC on consumer information and ticket pricing.
  • Applicability of EU rules on non EU carriers.

Please note this course can also be delivered in the French language upon request. Click here to see a translation of the contents in French.

Who should take this course

All those who require an overview of Aviation Regulations in Civil Aviation and have no previous knowledge of this area.


1 day, starting at 9:00 and ending at approximately 17:00.

Locations & Dates
JAA TO Virtual
08 March 2021 Available
€ 625.00