Compliance Audit Management

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Many regulations require organizations to implement an internal auditing process as part of the compliance monitoring process to verify compliance with the regulations themselves, the organisation's own procedures & practices and the maintenance of necessary standards. ICAO also recognizes the very significant contribution that auditing can make to the effectiveness of an organisation's compliance monitoring process.

To be effective, the audit process should be appropriately managed to serve the needs of the business and audits should be undertaken by individuals who have the necessary technical competence, auditing skills and personal attributes. However, understanding the basic principles of auditing is a prerequisite both to the management of an effective audit process and the development of auditor competence.

The course is intended to be general and not specific to any single aviation sector, however, it will promote best practices adopted throughout the world by various aviation and non-aviation organizations, drawing on the guidance contained in international standards and aviation industry guidance.

Course Content

  • Essential audit principles & audit best practices
  • Auditor competence and competency development
  • Relative responsibilities in relation to an audit process
  • Planning a compliance audit programme
  • An overview of the Audit planning process
  • Development and use of audit checklists
  • Audit Conduct
  • Audit reporting
  • Responding to audit findings
  • Corrective Action & audit follow up
  • Developing, managing and taking control of the audit process

Learning Objectives

By the end of this 1-day course attendees should have sufficient knowledge to begin the process of developing an internal compliance monitoring audit process that will not only provide the assurance of conformity with external regulations but also with internal requirements and that will act in support of the achievement of business objectives and continual improvement of processes.

This course should be regarded as a pre-requisite for those who need to put in place a Compliance Monitoring / Audit process in response to regulatory requirements and who wish to ensure that as well as providing confidence that regulatory requirements are being met the organization is also achieving the maximum business benefit from such activities.


Who should take this course

This training course is designed for managers and auditors who need to understand the basic principles of audit and best practice audit techniques, where auditing is used in relation to internal compliance monitoring or supplier assurance activities, and who need to have a good understanding of the audit process and how it needs to be managed in order to provide the necessary assurance of compliance.

The course would be of significant benefit to Accountable Managers and those with high-level responsibility for the compliance monitoring audit function in relation to organisations involved in Aircraft Maintenance, Flight Operations, Aerodrome Operations, Air Navigation Service Provision, Training Organisations etc.


Attendees should have an understanding of the regulations requiring the application of compliance auditing techniques relating to their business activities.


1 day (09.00 - 17.00)

Locations & Dates
JAA TO Virtual
21 May 2024 Available
€ 730.00