EASA Airworthiness Review (Part-M/CAMO/CAO)

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23 - 24 November 2020 Available
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This course covers the responsibilities of a Part-CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation), Part-CAO (Continuing Airworthiness Organisations) with regard to the organisation, the content of the Continued Airworthiness Management Exposition, typical staff arrangements and qualifications, quality system, Airworthiness Review Certificate, nominated staff and the practical application of Continuing Airworthiness task, and details the Airworthiness Review process.

It will address the Airworthiness Review process in-depth, with the main focus on Part-CAMO, and where applicable, on Part-CAO as well. The training covers EU 1321/2014 Annex-I, Annex-Vc and -Vd latest status.

This course is also designed for Quality Engineers, Compliance Monitoring staff, Safety Management staff, Airworthiness Review Staff, CAMs, Licensed Engineers and Regulatory Staff and will help them understand the Part-M regulations relating to Part-CAMO, Part-CAO  and ARCs (as stated in part-M Subpart-I). It looks in detail at required procedures, responsibilities and tasks.

The course content has been specially designed to include numerous examples which will give participants a practical perspective on how to apply the knowledge they gain. The training includes mini-workshops that help attendants learn to understand and apply the regulations successfully.

It is assumed that attendees will have a general understanding of EU 1321/2014.

Course Content

The following subjects are addressed:

  • Introduction to high-level applicable regulations, including the role of EASA and Continued Airworthiness in a regulatory environment
  • Airworthiness and Continued Airworthiness concepts
  • EASA Part M, CAMO and CAO overview and Guidance Material
  • A detailed review of Part-M Subparts B, C and I, Part-CAMO, Part-CAO including:
    - ARC signatory qualifications and training requirements
    - ARC tasks
    - Checklists required
    - Airworthiness Review Procedures required in Part 4 of CAME
    - Physical survey contents
    - Impact on QA system
    - Controlled environment
    - Validity of ARC
    - Aircraft transfer process
  • Practical examples of Part M implementation and how to avoid potential problems
  • The interface between Part M (Part-ML), Part-CAMO, Part-CAO and Part 145, EASA OPS and Part 21
  • Related management of EASA approved Mods and Repairs
  • Nominated Form 4 Holder responsibilities

Learning Objectives

The course content has been specially designed to include numerous examples which will give participants a practical perspective on how to apply the knowledge they gain:

  • Practical application of the requirement to develop the necessary processes and procedures for a Part-CAMO / Part-CAO organisation who also holds the Airworthiness review process;
  • Understanding the responsibilities as well as the tasks of the persons involved; and
  • Understanding the relationship between organisations and the certification authority

Who should take this course

  • Staff of CAMOs
  • Staff of CAOs
  • Form-4 holders within CAMO / EASA-OPS
  • EASA OPS operators
  • Quality / Compliance Monitoring Managers and their staff
  • Safety Managers and their staff
  • CAMs
  • Airworthiness Review Staff
  • NAA staff


Familiarity with relevant regulations.


2 days Instructor-led Virtual course starting at 09:00 and finishing at around 17:00.

Locations & Dates
JAA TO Virtual delivery
23 - 24 November 2020 Available
€ 1145.00