EASA Airworthiness Management (Part-M & Part-CAMO)

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14 - 15 December 2020 Available classroom+virtual
12 - 13 January 2021 Available
15 - 16 March 2021 Available classroom+virtual
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The Airworthiness Management (Part-M with Part-CAMO [Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation]) is a two-day training course addressing the requirements for operators who operate under an AOC (EC 1008/2008) and/or for operators/owners of Complex motor-powered aircraft.

Part-M is part of regulation EU 1321/2014 which has been amended with EU 2019/1383 and others. EU 2019/1383 introduced (amongst others) Part-CAMO which includes Safety Management System (SMS) for CAMOs.

The presentations always follow the latest applicable EASA regulations.

This training focuses on the applicable requirements of Part-M and Part-CAMO (which covers the CAMO approval for the above-mentioned operators).

Part-M and Part-CAMO and applicable Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) are covered in detail.

The Technical Requirements (Section A) and the Procedures for Competent Authorities (Section B) are dealt with separately and in a logical, structured way.

The training also provides an overview of relevant sections of other regulations like Part-145 and Part 21. The training focuses on the requirements for licensed air carrier (EC 1008/2008) and owners / operators of complex motor-powered aircraft. In particular Part-M Subpart -C and -I and on the responsibilities of the operator as indicated in Part-M Subpart -B. It also details the CAMO as stated in Part-CAMO (former Part-M Subpart-G). The training is useful for new and experienced professionals from industry and authorities.

A continuing exchange of information between the JAA TO and EASA provides both additional information to the trainers and feedback to EASA. Many questions raised during the JAA TO training courses are now included in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of the EASA website.

Please note that this course also covers the elements of the Airworthiness Review (Part-M/CAMO/CAO) course in a generic way

Course Content

The Airworthiness Management (Part-M & Part-CAMO) training is a two-day training focusing on the requirements for licensed air carrier (EC 1008/2008) and/or owners of Complex Motor-Powered aircraft.

A separate JAA TO training is available for non-commercial aviation and maintenance: "General Aviation Maintenance and Airworthiness Management (Part-M/CAO/ML)". This is the former Part-M Subpart F.

Participants receive the presentation materials, as well as content used in the course for reference and daily use. The course materials cover the requirements of Part-M, Part-CAMO and the corresponding AMC material. It offers a very convenient collection of up-to-date regulatory information for day-to-day use and reference.

Learning Objectives

The course materials are used throughout the training. This eliminates the need to present the full texts from the regulation on the presentation slides. The slides only summarise the main points of the requirements. The trainer elaborates on these slides based on his knowledge of the requirements and experience in their application. Questions from the participants and mutual discussions are encouraged. This will make the training more interactive and livelier, which increases understanding and learning.

Who should take this course

  • Operators who operate under EC 1008/2008 and hold an AOC
  • Owners / operators of Complex Motor-Powered Aircraft
  • Current CAMOs
  • Compliance Monitoring (Quality) Managers and Safety Managers on Continuing Airworthiness
  • Airworthiness review staff as well as staff from 145 organisations will also benefit from this training
  • Owners of Complex motor-powered aircraft
  • All staff who work within a CAMO and in a maintenance organisation


To prepare for the course, it would be helpful if you are familiar with the text of EU 1321/2014 Regulations.


2 days (starting at 09:00 both days and ending at approximately 17:00).

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Locations & Dates
JAA TO Virtual
14 - 15 December 2020 Available classroom+virtual
12 - 13 January 2021 Available
15 - 16 March 2021 Available classroom+virtual
€ 1145.00
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