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Hoofddorp, Netherlands

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Safety Management for Approved Maintenance Organizations under ICAO/EASA Rules – First Run (Pilot)


Learn how to implement and maintain an effective SMS ensuring the organization’s Acceptable Level of Safety Performance through a compliance monitoring programme in accordance with the AM strategic direction/mandate, the organizational safety standards, the national safety regulations and ICAO / EASA safety management standards!

This course is a competency-based course, and therefore highly interactive: All instruction and exercises are developed to help you acquire the competencies you need in order Implement Safety Management in your organization.

Since this course is under validation to become an ICAO TRAINAIR PLUS Standardized Training Package (STP), the course is now run as a pilot course. As a participant to this pilot course you will have the double role of attending and helping us validate this course by filling out questionnaires provided by the trainer.

What’s in it for you?

Besides of the competencies that you will acquire;

  • The price for participating is of only 500 euro [normal three-day course price is 1290 euro].
  • You will receive a JAA TO certificate of attendance
  • You will receive an ICAO certificate, once the course is validated (expected before end 2018)
  • You will receive a letter from JAA TO, which recognizes your role in helping validate the course.

Course Content

Module 1

  • Develop a Safety Management System in accordance with ICAO SARPs and EASA safety management standards
  • Document the safety management process
  • Establish a comprehensive outline for an effective safety Management System for an AMO

Module 2

  • Communicate the safety management process that should be followed throughout the organizational units of an AMO
  • Facilitate hazard identification, risk assessment and control Initiate safety and internal occurrence investigations
  • Analyse the results of internal and occurrence investigations
  • Communicate the results of internal investigations
  • Document a process to identify actual and potential safety hazards and assess the associated risks of an AMO
  • Document a process for the development and implementation of remedial actions necessary to maintain an acceptable level of safety of an AMO

Module 3

  • Implement procedures for continuous monitoring and regular assessment of the appropriateness and effectiveness of safety management activities
  • Review the Safety Performance Indicators (SPI) and Safety Performance Targets (SPT)
  • Monitor the implementation of actions taken to mitigate risks
  • Provide periodic reports and advice on safety performance to the Safety Review Board (SRB)
  • Ensure a process for monitoring compliance with safety management requirements that is applicable to all divisions or organisational units
  • Implement the Compliance Monitoring function as part of SMS Recognize the need for establishment of an audit plan which includes planned audits throughout the organizational departments and as necessary to contracted activities
  • Evaluate Audit findings’ and risks
  • Evaluate the overall level of compliance for the organization taking into account that the organisation’s policies, processes and procedures accurately reflect the applicable safety management requirements “in accordance with” the applicable national regulations, ICAO safety standards and European requirements on safety management

Learning Objectives

In only three days you will be able to

  • Recognize ICAO Management System Requirements
  • Establish a common safety management process applicable to all divisions within the organisation, where risks associated with aviation activities are reduced and controlled to an acceptable level.
  • Implement an Integrated Risk Management (IRM) process
  • Apply a practical methodology and a holistic approach for monitoring and measuring system safety performance
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the SMS in accordance with EASA



This is a 3-day course, starting at 9:00 on the first day and ending at approximately 17:00 on all days.