DOA/POA Combined Annex I (Part 21) Training Course

Locations & Dates
JAA TO Schiphol-Rijk Netherlands
06 - 09 November 2023 Available classroom or virtual
JAA TO Virtual
06 - 09 November 2023 Limited classroom or virtual
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The training course aims to provide a broad range of staff with knowledge and understanding regarding the tasks and responsibilities of applicants and holders of Type Certificates (TC) and Restricted Type Certificates (RTC) addressing the requirements of Design Organization Approvals (DOA), and Production Organisation Approvals (POA) including changes to TC or RTC, Supplemental Type Certificates and Repair approvals.

Based on the EU Regulation (EC) 2018/1139, the EU Commission has issued Regulation (EU) 748/2012. Annexed to this Regulation is Annex I - Part 21, with Section - A Technical Requirements and Section B - Procedures for Competent Authorities. In addition, the EU Commission issued Regulation  (EU) 2022/201 and (EU) 2022/203 on 14 February 2022 amending Commission Regulation (EU) No 748/2012 introducing a requirement to operate a Safety Management System in the Production as well as in the Design Organisation. 

This course presents in general terms the legal and regulatory system, as defined by the regulations identified above. It addresses the EASA design and production organisation approval process and under which conditions a Type Certificate, Restricted Type Certificate, a Supplemental Type Certificate, and an ETSO Authorisation will be issued by EASA.

Also, the classification of changes and repairs will be explained, and under which conditions changes and repairs are approved by EASA or alternatively approved by an approved Design Organisation. The conditions under which Competent Authorities shall issue Certificates of Airworthiness, Noise Certificates, and Production approvals are addressed as well and also the different options regarding the issuance of the Permit to Fly by either the Competent Authority, the approved Design – or Production Organisation will be addressed.

At the end of the training, attendees will have a general understanding of Annex I - Part 21, Section A and Section B. 

Note: The handout material, e.g. the powerpoint presentations book and the EASA Easy Access Rule of Annex I - Part 21 can be consulted during the JAA-TO e-examination.

Course Content


  • Section 1- EASA
  • Section 2 - The legal and regulatory basis in the EU
  • Section 3 - Part-21

Annex I - Part 21 – Section A

  • Section 4 - Subpart A General
  • Section 5 - Subpart B TC & RTC
  • Section 6 - Subpart D Changes to the TC
  • Section 7 - Subpart E STC
  • Section 8 -Subpart K Parts and Appliances
  • Section 9 - Subpart M Repairs
  • Section 10 - Subpart P Permits to Fly
  • Section 11 - Subpart Q Identification of Products, Parts and Appliances
  • Section 12 - Subpart J Design Organisation Approval
  • Section 13 - Subpart G  Production Organisation Approval

Annex I - Part 21 – Section B

  • Section 14 - Subpart J Design Organisation Approval
  • Section 15 - Subpart G  Production Organisation Approval

Annex I – Part 21 – Other Topics

  • Section 16 -Operational Suitability Data (OSD)
  • Section 17 – Flight Test Operation Manual (FTOM)
  • Section 18 – Appendix XII Categories of Flight Test & Flight Test Crew Qualification.

Learning objectives

At the end of the training course, the attendees should understand:

  • The differentiation between EASA and Competent Authorities regarding the issuance of approvals and certificates
  • The responsibilities of EASA, the Competent Authority, and the Holders of approvals and/or certificates

The approval processes related to the issue of approvals and/or certificates.

Who should take this course

  • Managers and staff of applicants or holders of Design Organisation Approvals, TC, RTC, STC Holders, and staff of Competent Authorities who have been or will be allocated by EASA to the Design Organisation Approval investigation or the certification tasks regarding the issue of the TC, RTC, STC and changes and repairs thereto.
  • Non-EASA Member State Aviation Authorities who would like to become familiar with the EASA DOA system or intend to implement such a system in their country.
  • Staff of Military Aviation Authorities and Military organisations.


A basic understanding of the subjects dealt with in the training course is an advantage.

An operational proficiency level in the English language Level 4 is highly recommended.

Participants are kindly requested to bring a laptop to the course to access course material which will only be provided in electronic format.


Four days:

  • Day 1:  09:00 – 17:00 hrs
  • Day 2:  09:00 – 17:00 hrs
  • Day 3:  09:00 – 17:00 hrs
  • Day 4:  09:00 – 16:00 hrs
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Locations & Dates
JAA TO Schiphol-Rijk Netherlands
06 - 09 November 2023 Available classroom or virtual
JAA TO Virtual
06 - 09 November 2023 Limited classroom or virtual
€ 2059.00
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