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Introduction to Accident and Incident Investigation Training Course


Your organisation has a culture which may generate many incident reports. Your organisation is also a learning organisation and therefor you want to investigate many of these reports. The quality of these investigations is fully dependant on the quality of your investigators. The quality of your investigators depends fully on the quality of their training. This course will not just give your investigators technical knowledge about investigations but also the understanding of how to perform the investigation in such a way that the organisation will learn from it as much as possible.

Course Content

This course will address the theory of the following subjects:

    Understanding Safety

    Hazards and Risks

    The process of investigation:


    Collecting Data

    Analysing data

    Drawing Conclusions

    Making Recommendations

    Writing a Report

Using a case study, some of these subjects will also be practised to some extend. Due to time constraints it is not possible to practise all aspects.

The content of this course is to a large extend customisable to the clients requirements as long as they are within the realm of the principles of Safety Investigations.

Learning Objectives

By means of discussions, case studies, video examples and group exercises, participants will become familiar with:

    The objectives of a Safety Investigation

    The Roles and Responsibilities within a Safety Investigation Team

    Human Factors from four different angles

    The development of dealing with Human Error

    The required Terms of Reference for Investigators

    The value of Safety Investigation Interviews

    The different approaches to Data Analysis

    Collaboration with other Investigating Authorities

After this course participants will be able to perform small scale Safety Investigations as part of a team, within an Organisation.

Who should take this course

Anybody involved with accident and incident investigation within your organisation. Not just the investigators but also managers will benefit hugely from this course.


There are no specific pre-requisites for this course


This course will be a three day course, staring at 09.00, finishing at 17.00.