NAA Inspectors - Flight Operations Inspector - Initial

Locations & Dates
JAA TO Schiphol-Rijk Netherlands
14 - 18 October 2024 Available
JAA TO Virtual
19 - 23 August 2024 Available
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The course syllabus includes the items contained in the EASA document "course syllabus for National Aviation Authorities Inspectors - Air Operations".

The additional items have been selected since these items are regulatory items containing approvals and/or other authority involvement as well as items which are of particular interest to FOI inspectors.

Course Content

  • The Chicago Convention, and applicable ICAO Annexes
  • Basic Regulation
  • Regulation Air Ops (Easy Access Rules)
  • Regulation (EU) No 628/2013 on working methods of the European Aviation Safety
  • Additional topics, which are of interest for the FOI

Presentation Modules

Flight Operations Inspector - EASA Virtual Academy

01 FOI-EVA Introduction

02 FOI-EVA The role of the FOI

03 FOI-EVA Europa Aviation System


05 FOI-EVA Basic Regulation

06 FOI-EVA Cover Regulation Air Ops

07 FOI-EVA Regulation Air Ops Part ARO

08 FOI-EVA Regulation Air Ops Part ORO

09 FOI-EVA Regulation Air Ops Part CAT NCC NCO SPO technical requirements

10 FOI-EVA Regulation Air Ops Part SPA

11 FOI-EVA STD EU 628-2013

12 FOI-EVA F light Time Limitations


14 FOI-EVA AOC Management

15 FOI-EVA Safety Risk Management

16 FOI-EVA Initial issue AOC

17 FOI-EVA Performance of an audit

18 FOI-EVA Flight inspection


20 FOI-EVA Leasing

21 FOI-EVA Cabin Safety Overview (when time available)

22 FOI-EVA SMS In Airline (when time available)

Case studies

The following case studies will be discussed:

  • Review of findings following a CAA audit of an operator
    The students will receive a number of findings and subsequently proposals for a corrective action plan. Their task will be to suggest classification, assess the corrective action plans, time frames, enforcement and communication.
  • Review of an operator's application for a new AOC with special emphasis on the air operator's management system. The applicant intends to operate 2 B737 in Europe. The application also contains specific approvals like LVO, PBN and RVSM.
    This exercise is spread over the course dates, finishing (when time available) with filling out an AOC and the associated Operations Specification.

The exercises will be performed in groups of 2 - 3 persons and the results alternatingly presented for discussions among all attendees.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the training course, the NAA inspector shall be able to:

  • Identify and justify findings with regard to Air Operations according to the applicable European regulatory framework
  • Understand the roles of the European Union, EASA and the Member States
  • Understand the roles of the Chicago Convention, the International Civil Aviation Organization and the contracting States
  • Understand the role of the Flight Operations Inspector
  • Understand the role of the holder of an Air Operator Certificate

Who should take this course

Prospective or new FOIs and NAA Inspectors, other NAA staff and NAA Managers involved in inspection activities of aeroplane or helicopter operations.


Professional background in flight operations, cabin operations or maintenance is highly desirable. Management and/or training experience in aviation is advantageous.

Important note:

Attendees are requested to bring their laptop to the course to access course material which will only be provided in electronic format, as well as to be familiarized with the navigation through the Basic Regulation and Air Operations (Regulation (EU) No 965/2012) Easy Access Rules.
Further it is recommended—but not required—to have a second device available —such as an additional laptop, tablet, phone, computer, monitor, etc. in order to view the course manual and/or exercise documents.



5 days, starting at 09:00 and ending at approximately 17:00 each day.

Locations & Dates
JAA TO Schiphol-Rijk Netherlands
14 - 18 October 2024 Available
JAA TO Virtual
19 - 23 August 2024 Available
€ 2800.00