NAA Inspectors - EASA Aircrew Licensing

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Schiphol-Rijk Netherlands
02 - 06 December 2019 Available
03 - 07 February 2020 Available
07 - 11 September 2020 Available
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€ 2350.00


This course covering Air Crew requirements is aimed at National Aviation Authority Inspectors, but it is also applicable for staff members of AOC holders and training organizations. The course will familiarize participants with the relevant parts of the 3 regulations covered, which are mentioned below. It will also give a more thorough understanding of the topics that are especially relevant for Inspectors.

The reference regulations for the course are:

  • EC Regulation 216/2008 - Basic Regulation
  • EU Regulation 628/2013 - EASA working methods inspections/monitoring
  • EU Regulation 1178/2011 - Air Crew
  • All amending regulations.

Course Content

The course syllabus includes the items contained in the EASA document “course syllabus for National Aviation Authorities’ Inspectors – Air Crew/Licensing”. The additional items will be covered in general and are considered important in order to have a substantial knowledge of the regulations.

Detailed Syllabus
* indicates material listed in the EASA’s “Course Syllabus for National Aviation Authorities’ Inspectors – Air Crew/Licensing”.

1. Regulation (EC) 216/2008

- Article 1 Scope *
- Article 3 Definitions *
- Article 4 Basic principles and applicability *

- Article 7 Pilots *
- Article 10 Oversight and enforcement *

Section I: TASKS
- Article 21 Pilot certification *
- Article 29 Staff *
- Article 54 Inspection of Member States *
- Article 55 Investigation of undertakings *

2. Regulation (EU) No 628/2013 of 28 June 2013 on working methods of the European Aviation Safety Agency for conducting standardisation inspections and for monitoring the application of the rules of Regulation (EC) No 216/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council and its amendments.

  • Article 1 Subject matter and scope *
  • Article 2 Definitions *
  • Article 3 Principles applicable to monitoring *
  • Article 4 Principles applicable to inspections and findings *
  • Article 5 Exchange of information *
  • Article 6 National Standardisation Coordinator *
  • Article 7 Continuous monitoring *
  • Article 8 Inspection programme *
  • Article 9 Inspection domains *
  • Article 10 Types of inspections *
  • Article 11 Training, qualification and authorisation criteria for inspection teams *
  • Article 12 Setting up teams for inspections *
  • Article 13 Conduct of inspections *
  • Article 14 Preparatory phase *
  • Article 15 On-site phase *
  • Article 16 Reporting phase *
  • Article 17 Findings follow-up and closure *
  • Article 18 Classification of findings *
  • Article 19 Immediate safety concern *
  • Article 20 Records *
  • Article 21 Access to information contained in inspection reports *
  • Article 22 Supplementary actions *
  • Article 23 Annual report *
  • Article 24 Working procedures *
  • Article 25 Transitional arrangements *
  • Article 26 Repeal *
  • Article 27 Entry into force and application *

3. Regulation (EU) No 1178/2011 of 3 November 2011 laying down technical requirements and administrative procedures related to civil aviation aircrew pursuant to Regulation (EC) No 216/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council

Annex I: Part FCL

  • Subpart A: General requirements
    - FCL.001 Competent authority
    - FCL.005 Scope
    - FCL.010 Definitions
    - FCL.015 Application and issue, revalidation and renewal of licences, ratings and certificates *
    - FCL.020 Student pilot
    - FCL.025 Theoretical knowledge examinations for the issue of licences and ratings *
    - FCL.030 Practical skill test
    - FCL.035 Crediting of flight time and theoretical knowledge *
    - FCL.040 Exercise of the privileges of licences
    - FCL.045 Obligation to carry and present documents
    - FCL.050 Recording of flight time
    - FCL.055 Language proficiency *
    - FCL.060 Recent experience
    - FCL.065 Curtailment of privileges of licence holders aged 60 years or more in commercial air transport
    - FCL.070 Revocation, suspension and limitation of licences, ratings and certificates
  • Subpart B: Light Aircraft Pilots Licence (LAPL)
  • Subpart C: Private Pilots License (PPL)
  • Subpart D: Commercial Pilots License (CPL)
  • Subpart E: Multi-Crew Pilots License (MPL)
  • Subpart F: Airline Transport Pilots License (ATPL)
  • Subpart G: Instrument Rating (IR)
  • Subpart H: Class and Type Ratings
  • Subpart I: Additional Ratings
  • Subpart J: Instructors
  • Subpart K: Examiners
  • Appendix 1: Crediting of theoretical knowledge
  • Appendix 2: Language proficiency rating scale
  • Appendix 3: Training vourses for the issue of a CPL and an ATPL
  • Appendix 4: Skill test for the issue of a CPL
  • Appendix 5: Integrated MPL training course
  • Appendix 6: Modular training courses for the IR
  • Appendix 7: IR skill test
  • Appendix 8: Cross-crediting or the IR part of a class or a type rating proficiency
  • Appendix 9: Training, skill test and proficiency check for MPL, ATPL, Type and class ratings, and proficiency cheks for IRS

Annex II: Conditions for the conversion of existing national licenses and ratings for aeroplanes and helicopter

Annex III: Conditions for the acceptance of licenses issued by or on behalf of third countries

Annex V: Part Cabin Crew

  • Subpart GEN: General requirements
    - CC.GEN.001 Competent authority
    - CC.GEN.005 Scope
    - CC.GEN.015 Application for a cabin crew attestation
    - CC.GEN.020 Minimum age
    - CC.GEN.025 Privileges and conditions
    - CC.GEN.030 Documents and record-keeping *
    - CC.CCA.100 Issue of the cabin crew attestation
    - CC.CCA.105 Validity of the cabin crew attestation
    - CC.CCA.110 Suspension and revocation of the cabin crew attestation
    - CC.TRA.215 Provision of training
    - CC.TRA.220 Initial training course and examination
    - CC.TRA.225 Aircraft type or variant qualification(s)
    - Appendix 1 to Part-CC

Annex VI: Part ARA

  • Subpart GEN – General Requirements
    - Section I - General
    ARA.GEN.105 Definitions
    ARA.GEN.115 Oversight documentation *
    ARA.GEN.120 Means of compliance *
    ARA.GEN.125 Information to the Agency *
    ARA.GEN.135 Immediate reaction to a safety problem
    - Section II - Management
    ARA.GEN.200 Management system *
    ARA.GEN.205 Allocation of tasks to qualified entities *
    ARA.GEN.210 Changes in the management system *
    ARA.GEN.220 Record-keeping *
    - Section III - Oversight, certification and enforcement
    ARA.GEN.300 Oversight *
    ARA.GEN.305 Oversight programme *
    ARA.GEN.310 Initial certification procedure – organisations *
    ARA.GEN.315 Procedure for issue, revalidation, renewal or change of licences, ratings, certificates or attestations - persons *
    ARA.GEN.330 Changes – organisations *
    ARA.GEN.350 Findings and corrective actions – organisations *
    ARA.GEN.355 Findings and enforcement measures – persons *
  • Subpart FCL – Specific Requirements Relating to Flight Crew Licensing
  • Section I - General
    ARA.FCL.120 Record-keeping *
  • Section II - Licences, ratings and certificates
    ARA.FCL.200 Procedure for issue, revalidation or renewal of a licence, rating or certificate *
    ARA.FCL.205 Monitoring of examiners *
    ARA.FCL.210 Information for examiners *
    ARA.FCL.215 Validity period
    ARA.FCL.220 Procedure for the re-issue of a pilot licence *
    ARA.FCL.250 Limitation, suspension or revocation of licences, ratings and certificates
  • Section III - Theoretical knowledge examinations
    ARA.FCL.300 Examination procedures *
  • Subpart CC - Specific requirements relating to Cabin Crew
  • Subpart ATO – Specific requirements related to Approved Training Organisations
  • Subpart FSTD – Specific requirements related to the qualification of Flight Simulation Training Devices

Annex VII: Part ORA

  • Subpart GEN
    - Section I - General
    ORA.GEN.105 Competent authority
    ORA.GEN.115 Application for an organisation certificate
    ORA.GEN.120 Means of compliance
    ORA.GEN.125 Terms of approval and privileges of an organisation
    ORA.GEN.130 Changes to organisations
    ORA.GEN.135 Continued validity
    ORA.GEN.140 Access
    ORA.GEN.150 Findings
    ORA.GEN.155 Immediate reaction to a safety problem
    ORA.GEN.160 Occurrence reporting
  • Section II – Management System
    ORA.GEN.200 Management system
    ORA.GEN.205 Contracted activities
    ORA.GEN.210 Personnel requirements
    ORA.GEN.215 Facility requirements
    ORA.GEN.220 Record-keeping
  • Subpart ATO
    - Section I - General
    ORA.ATO.100 Scope
    ORA.ATO.110 Personnel requirements
    ORA.ATO.120 Record-keeping
    ORA.ATO.125 Training programme
    ORA.ATO.130 Training manual and operations manual
    ORA.ATO.135 Training aircraft and FSTDs
    ORA.ATO.140 Aerodromes and operating sites
    ORA.ATO.145 Pre-requisites for training
    ORA.ATO.150 Training in third countries
    - Section II – Additional requirements for ATOs providing training for CPL, MPL and ATPL and the associated ratings and certificates
    - Section III – Additional requirements for ATOs providing specific types of training
  • Subpart FSTD

The course includes case studies in setting up an auditing/oversight program and in the evaluation of corrective action plans with root cause analysis from an organisation after receiving findings.

Learning Objectives

After this course the participants should be able to:

  • Understand the role of a Competent Authority Inspector
  • Identify and justify findings with regard to Air Crew according to the European regulatory framework.
  • Understand the roles of the European Union, EASA and the Member States
  • Understand relevant licensing requirements
  • Understand the role of an Approved Training Organization

Who should take this course

  • Inspectors from NAA’s and external auditors
  • Other key NAA staff members
  • Staff members of AOC holders and training organizations.


A desire to get an understanding of basic auditing requirements for the Air Crew regulation.

Note: Participants are kindly requested to bring their laptop to the training venue. Part of the training material will be provided electronically and access to this information is required for some elements of the course.

An optional JAA TO examination (EUR 30,-) is available for this course. Candidates who pass a JAA TO Examination, receive an ECAC/JAA TO Certificate of Accomplishment.

Please note that registrations for examinations will be done during the training course in consultant with the trainer.


5 days, starting at 09:00 and ending at approx. 17:00 on the first 4 days and 14:00 on the last day to allow for exams/testing for the remainder of the afternoon - examination fee included in the course fee. 

NOTE: Participants should bring a laptop since some of the course material is provided on USB sticks.

Locations & Dates
JAA TO Schiphol-Rijk, NL Netherlands
02 - 06 December 2019 Available
03 - 07 February 2020 Available
07 - 11 September 2020 Available
€ 2350.00