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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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Cabin Safety Operations


Many aircraft accidents are survivable and a significant contributory factor can be the effectiveness of the cabin safety procedures including the activities of the cabin crew.

This course will introduce those factors which a regulator will need to include in an oversight regime and how they might be included in a practical cabin safety oversight programme.

Course Content

The following topics will be addressed:

EU Regulations Cabin Safety Requirements

  • The cabin safety requirements of Part Aircrew and Part Air Regulations

Number and Composition of Cabin Crew

  • Examples of aeroplane types to include narrow bodied and wide-bodied aeroplanes, types of exits, etc.

Cabin Crew Training

  • Initial training;
  • Senior cabin crew member training;
  • Single cabin crew operations and related training;
  • Conversion and differences training;
  • Recurrent training;
  • Familiarisation;
  • Refresher training.

Cabin Safety Inspection Programme

  • Aircraft survey;
  • Demonstration/proving flight;
  • Ramp inspection;
  • Cabin crew pre-flight briefing;
  • Cabin flight Inspection;
  • Cabin Crew 0perating Manual and Training Manual;
  • Cabin crew training course;
  • Cabin crew training records.

Passenger Safety Information

  • Passenger safety cards;
  • Pre-flight briefings including videos;
  • Briefing of passengers in an emergency;

Emergency Evacuation

  • Emergency evacuation procedures;
  • Relevance to the 25.803 demonstration test.

Learning Objectives

  • To obtain a detailed knowledge of the EU Regulations related to cabin safety requirements and their implementation.
  • How to establish a cabin safety inspection programme.

Who should take this course

Regulators - Flight 0perations Inspectors and Cabin Safety Inspectors.


Basic working knowledge of EU regulations as they relate to cabin safety.


3 days, starting at 9:00 and ending at approximately 17:00 all days.