Aviation English Training Course - Beyond Level 4 for Air Traffic Controllers

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This ONLINE course is delivered in partnership with RMIT English Worldwide. (Note: upon registration for this ONLINE course you will be redirected to the registration webpage of our partner RMIT English Wordwide!)


Beyond Level 4 for ATC is an 80 hour online aviation English training course designed specifically for air traffic controllers which includes personalised assessment and feedback by fully trained aviation English Language instructors. It is a cost effective training solution which actively develops language proficiency beyond ICAO’s level 4, resulting in extended periods between tests.

Beyond Level 4 also provides training for Controllers who have achieved ICAO level 5, to ensure they maintain their English proficiency between tests.

Course Content

Beyond Level 4 includes:

  • over 200 engaging learning activities, across eight units, each based on a different safety-related topics specifically for Controllers including: - Separation - Co-ordination - Systems Technology - Situational Awareness - Weather - Aircraft Unserviceabilities - Onboard Incidents - Human Factors.
  • course materials based on authentic flight scenarios, that make use of radar simulations and interactive work-based role-plays to develop the six ICAO skill areas: pronunciation, structure, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension and interactions
  • individual monitoring of course progress by both assessors and participants through performance reports and personal review of recorded speech samples. This allows participants to receive customised language support and feedback on the six core skill areas identified by ICAO
  • flexible delivery, with no full-time class commitments, or disruption to work schedules or training.


Learning Objectives

Beyond Level 4 provides participants with:

  • high level listening and speaking skills for plain English communication in radiotelephony based and aviation-related communication contexts
  • knowledge of specific skill domains that require improvement and strategies to improve performance in these areas
  • self-monitoring of progress throughout the course
  • improved pronunciation for effective communication.

Who should take this course

Air traffic controllers and trainee air traffic controllers who need to increase their aviation English proficiency before taking an aviation English test, or who need to maintain proficiency between tests.


Intermediate level of English


There is approximately 80 to 100 hours of course materials, including ongoing assessment and feedback. Participants can continue to use the online material once purchased.

Locations & Dates
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