Training courses

NDT methods, regulation & requirements (EN 4179) - Part 145/21 Organisation


The course is intended to provide first-hand information on the application and implementation of NDT techniques, the administration and management of training and recurrent trainings to organisation, management and personnel of Maintenance and Design Organisation. It will promote best practice and drawing on the guidance contained in international standards and other aviation regulations and publications.

Course Content

The course topics are selected to provide guidance for NDT methods, regulation and requirements in accordance with the regulation for EASA Part 145 and Part 21 Organizations:

  • Overview of the classic NDT Methods
  • Strength and weakness of each method
  • NDT Requirements in Commission Regulation No. 2042/2003
  • NDT Requirements in Part 21 Organizations
  • Regulation EN4179
    o Structure of EN 4179
    o National NDT Board
    o Employers Written Practice
    o Requirements to become an NDT Inspector
    o Levels of Qualification
  • Flow charts discussion for initial Certification and Re-Certification of all Levels
  • Conclusions


Learning Objectives

After training, the person is able to differentiate between different methods of NDT and their specific strengths and weaknesses. He/she will also be able to interpret the applicable requirements for NDT certification of personnel and what levels of qualification are needed for a specified task.


The objectives of the course are to satisfy the needs of basic NDT requirements published by EU and EASA.


Who should take this course

This training is targeted at persons performing, managing or specifying NDT techniques for initial or continued airworthiness of complete aircraft or components thereof.



Attendees should have a basic technical understanding in NDT techniques or are in management positions and responsible for NDT personnel. 


2 days, starting at 09.00 and finishing at approx 17.00.