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EASA Part-145 Training Course


The EASA Part-145 training is a two day training covering all aspects of Part-145.

The Annex II to Implementing Rule EU 1321/2014 and the corresponding Acceptable Means of Compliance (AMC) and Guidance Materials (GM) are covered in detail. The Technical Requirements (Section A) and the Procedures for Competent Authorities (Section B) of Part-145 are dealt with separately and in a logical, structured way. The link between the regulation and the Maintenance Organisation Exposition (MOE) is also discussed. This makes the training useful for both new and experienced professionals from industry and authorities.

The training also provides an overview of relevant sections of other regulations like Part-M (both for maintenance and for continuing airworthiness management), Part 21, Part-66 and Part-147.

The attendants receive hand-outs of all presentations and a Regulations book developed by JAA TO. The book covers the requirements of Part-145 and the corresponding AMC and GM material. It offers a very convenient collection of up to date regulatory information for day to day use and reference.

The book is used throughout the training. This eliminates the need to present the full texts from the regulation on the presentation slides. The slides only summarise the main points of the requirements. The trainers elaborate on these slides based on their knowledge of the requirements and experience in their application. Questions from the attendants and mutual discussions are encouraged. This makes the training more interactive and lively, which increases understanding and learning.

A continuing exchange of information between the JAA TO and EASA provides both additional information to the trainers and feed back to EASA. Many questions raised during the JAA TO trainings are now included in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of the EASA website.

Course Content

The EASA Part-145 training is a two day training covering all aspects of Part-145.

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Learning Objectives


Who should take this course

Representatives from Industry and National Aviation Authorities.


To prepare for the course, please be familiar with the text of Part-145 Regulations.


2 days (starting at 09:00 both days and ending at approximately 17:00).

NOTE: Participants should bring a laptop since some of the course material is provided on USB sticks.