Training courses

Aircraft De-icing/Anti-icing on the Ground


This training is for anyone who requires:

  • basic knowledge of aircraft de-icing/anti-icing and the global standards and requirements;
  • an update on the latest standards and requirements.

NOTE: Participants should bring a laptop with a connection for an USB stick.

Course Content

The following items will be addressed:

  • Why is de-icing/anti-icing required?
  • Regulations involved
  • Change to SAE Global Standards
  • Types of Contamination
  • Aircraft De-icing Fluids (ADF)
  • De-icing/anti-icing methods
  • One step and two step treatments
  • Spray techniques
  • Hold Over Time (HOT)
  • Different types of De-icing trucks
  • Training
  • Personal safety
  • Quality control


  • Regulation (EU) No. 965/2012 (EASA Air Operations)
  • ICAO Manual of Aircraft Ground De-icing/Anti-icing Operations (Doc 9640) 2nd edition, 2000.
  • SAE AS6285 (Aircraft Ground Deicing/Anti-Icing Processes)
  • SAE AS6286 (Training and Qualification Program for Deicing/Anti-icing of Aircraft on the Ground)


Learning Objectives

Understanding the basics on aircraft de-icing/anti-icing and the global standards and requirements.

Who should take this course

  • All persons involved in de-icing / anti-icing;
  • personnel aircraft operators
  • pilots
  • ground handling companies
  • de-icing/anti-icing service providers
  • maintenance organizations, and
  • authority inspectors


A basic aviation knowledge is beneficial.


2 days, starting at 9.00 on the first day and ending at approximately 17.00 on the second day.