Training courses

CS-25 Large Aeroplane Certification - Introduction


This 4 day introductory training will provide the delegates with a basic understanding of the typical certification challenges when performing changes on Large Aeroplanes. The delegate will be presented the typical paragraphs with general interpretation.

Course Content

The following items will be addressed:


  • Regulatory Background (ICAO, JAA, FAA, EASA)
    o Working with EASA
    o EASA Part 21 Certification Process
    o CS-25, CS-AWO , FAR-25 and relation to each other
    o Classification of changes
    o Reading and understanding a Type Certification Data Sheet
    o Changed Product Rule (CPR)
    o Type Certification Basis
    o System Safety Analysis
  • Systems and Avionics
    o CS 25 Subpart F
    o Common AMC Material and other related certification Guides
    o Cockpit arrangement
    o Typical certification challenges
    o Enhanced Airworthiness Program for Aeroplane Systems and how does it affect us.
  • Cabin:
    o Refurbishment and LOPA changes
    o Cabin Topics
    o Crashworthiness Handbook and topics
    o Flammability
  • Structure
    o General Introduction
    o Introduction, Fatigue and Damage Tolerant, Crashworthiness
  • Certification Topics
    o Certification Program
    o Compliance showing
    o Configuration control
    o Sampling for tests, guidance material available
    o Flight Manual Supplements
    o Instruction for Continued Airworthiness (ICA)
  • Other related Topics
    o RTCA and EUROCAE Documents such as ED-14, DO-160, DO-178, etc.
    o HIRF and Lightning Certification.
    o OEM provided Documentation
    o Other standards such as SAE, MIL etc.
    o Certification Program
    o Flight Testing
    o Conditions for flight/Permit to Flight

Learning Objectives

The goal of this training is to equip the participant with the basic knowledge how to apply for a change, propose a certification program and how to prepare and show compliance with the related certification standards.

Who should take this course

Persons involved in the development of changes to TC, RTC or STCs. This includes personnel of authorities, DOAs, APDOAs or individuals intending to apply for minor changes.

The training is not intended for TC Holders.


None needed for this training. Although a maintenance or continued airworthiness management experience would be advantageous.


Note: Participants are kindly requested to bring their laptop to the training venue. Part of the training material will be provided electronically and access to this information is required for some elements of the course.


4 days, starting at 0900 and ending at approx. 1630