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Recurrent Training for Auditors


Why Recurrent Training ?

It is important for auditors to not only maintain but also to continually enhance their auditing skills, as well as avoiding bad practices, and also to be able to demonstrate to a regulatory authority that they are maintaining their ongoing auditing competence.

Initial auditor training focuses on the basic principles of auditing, aiming to provide delegates with sufficient understanding and practical tools to be in a position to undertake audits sufficient to satisfy the regulatory authority.

Unfortunately, over time some of the essential aspects of this training may be forgotten, auditors fail to follow good practice due to other work pressures or lack of support from management. Auditors may also wish to further improve their auditing competence. This two day course provides the opportunity for auditors to re-visit the principles and practices originally presented on our standard auditor training courses, and to further enhance their skills with additional materials designed to reinforce the application of sound audit planning and conduct in a broader range of audit applications. This course is also designed to satisfy any regulatory concerns relating to the decrease of audit effectiveness over time.

This two day course is designed to meet the needs of auditors who wish to revisit their original training and enhance their auditing skills. It is suitable for all auditors who have received basic auditor training and who now need to continue with their professional development as an auditor.

Course Content

Initial training may provide the basic skills to support an organisation's Quality Audit process, however over time these skills may not be developed to the necessary level to provide for fully effective auditing, or auditors may develop bad practices which seriously detract from the effectiveness of audit activities.

This course aims to review and improve auditing techniques, by re-visiting previous training elements, drawing from personal experiences, and introducing additional auditing tools and techniques aimed at the enhancement of auditing competence.

The recurrent training course will focus on the following aspects of auditing:

  • Managing the audit process.
  • Annual audit programmes.
  • Planning individual audits.
  • Investigative skills,
  • Reporting audit findings.
  • Nonconformity categorisation.
  • Corrective Action and audit close out mechanisms.
  • Supplier Assessment & Audit.

Practical case study activities will be used to provide delegates with the opportunity to learn new techniques in a safe learning environment with a trainer having many years of practical audit experience.

Learning Objectives

To strengthen the current understanding of audit planning, conduct and reporting methodologies, elimination of possible bad practices and learning new and improved approaches to the planning, conduct and reporting of audits in a broad aviation environment.

Who should take this course

Those who have previously attended one of the JAA TO range of auditor training courses, or other internationally recognized auditor training programme.


A basic understanding of auditing techniques together with a minimum of 18 months of practical auditing experience in an aviation environment.


2 days - each day will commence at 09.00 and finish at 17.00, with appropriate refreshment breaks.