Basic Airworthiness Inspector Course

Locations & Dates
JAA TO Schiphol-Rijk Netherlands
27 May 2024 - 07 June 2024 Limited
21 October 2024 - 01 November 2024 Available
JAA TO Virtual
Dates not yet confirmed
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€ 4710.00


This 10 days course will introduce the Airworthiness principles for all activities associated with Civil Aircraft.

The course will cover the background to the current airworthiness regulations; aspects of design and certification and operation. A common thread will run through the whole course taking in Type Certification, Supplemental Type Certification, changes (modifications) and repairs at all levels, approval systems to support Design, Production for the TC holder, Operational Approvals, Continued Airworthiness Management under Part M through maintenance activities of Part 145 and the certification of personnel through Parts 66 and 147.

The course is designed to understand the principles in the regulatory system concept concerning aircraft design, manufacturing, modification, operation, management and maintenance.
In practice it required to communicate with different organisations with their own airworthiness responsibilities. It provides current practical application and guidance on how to effectively understand the regulatory principles and responsibilities for all airworthiness related approvals and standards.

The course is an interactive course with groups of different backgrounds. It provides a good understanding of airworthiness whether it is the EASA system or any other regulatory system.

Course Content

International Aviation Law including Responsibilities of the States

EU Regulatory Framework in the EU

Regulation 748/2012 Initial Airworthiness

(Part-21) Technical Requirements

  • Type Certification
  • Changes to Type Certificates
  • Repairs
  • Approval of Parts and Appliances
  • ETSO
  • Permit to Fly
  • Instructions for Continued Airworthiness
  • AD’s

Regulation 1321/2014 Continued Airworthiness

  • Continuing Airworthiness (Part-M)
  • Maintenance Organisations (Part-145)
  • Maintenance Personnel Licensing (Part-66)
  • Maintenance Personnel Training Organisations (Part-147)
  • Annex Va (Part- T)

In this course there will be practical execises to apply the gained knowledge.


Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the principles of all relevant airworthiness regulations
  • Understanding of airworthiness responsibilities, of States and persons and organisations, with respect to the aircraft.
  • The ability to solve practical issues by understanding the principles of airworthiness especially when dealing with interfaces of organisations and its responisbilities.

Who should take this course

• Airline Auditor
• Defence airworthiness personal
• Compliance Monitoring staff
• CAA inspectors


Experience and knowledge of at least one part of the regulatory system.

Participants are kindly requested to bring a laptop to the course to access course material which will only be provided in electronic format.



This is a 10-day course, starting at 9:00 and ending at approximately 16:30 on all days, including 2 days for practical training. An examination is offered on day 10 - examination fee included in the course fee. 

Locations & Dates
JAA TO Schiphol-Rijk Netherlands
27 May 2024 - 07 June 2024 Limited
21 October 2024 - 01 November 2024 Available
JAA TO Virtual
Dates not yet confirmed
€ 4710.00