Competency-based Training & Assessment (CBTA)

Competency-based training & Assessment (CBTA) is the new paradigm for training of all aviation disciplines, jointly developed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the International Federation of Air Line Pilots' Associations (IFALPA) and other industry partners. CBTA is a key component of modern EBT (Evidence-based training) and Multi-crew pilot licensing training (MPL).

AOCs and ATOs can use the new provisions of EASA to reorganize their training system and implement CBTA along with the planned new provisions for flight simulators (FSTDs). This provides innovative opportunities to increase safety, training effectiveness and cost efficiency.

JAA Training Organisation (JAA TO) supports AOCs and ATOs during implementation of CBTA systems compliant with the latest provisions of ICAO and EASA.

JAA TO creates a plan for thorough identification of opportunities for innovation inside your organisation that spur effectiveness and efficiency. 

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Read more on the approach and understanding of the processes within CBTA below. JAA Training Organisation (JAA TO) consults on organisation needs and devises the best strategy for you.


Build a consistent training system

Operators can build a consistent training system, starting with their pilot intake (abInitio or direct-entry pilots) to evidence-based recurrent training, and up to command training. 

Phased implementation of EBT

For some operators it may be advisable to avoid rapid changes and use a well-coordinated phased approach to implement EBT. Often it can be built on existing solutions, saving unnecessary time and effort.


Reduce complexity

Training systems have become extremely complex. Reorganisation creates and opportunity for simplifications, thus reducing complexity and management effort. Threat and Error Management (TEM), CBTA and CRM can be integrated into only one system.

Seek advice

JAA TO supports AOCs and ATOs with

  • Training consultancy services for AOCs and ATOs
  • Adaptive and customized training solutions
  • Support for AOCs and ATOs during implementation of CBTA systems, compliant with the latest provisions of ICAO and EASA


JAA Training Organisation invites you for

  • Complete analysis of your existing training system
  • Identification of opportunities for innovation and increase of effectiveness and efficiency
  • Design of roadmaps to optimize your training system
  • Coaching during the implementation phase of CBTA

Looking for professional support in CBTA and what optimisations can be done for your organisation?

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