Aviation English

The nature of their job requires pilots and air traffic controllers (ATCOs) to achieve and maintain a minimum of ICAO level 4 English language proficiency. To this need, JAA TO delivers quality aviation English language training and proficiency testing in cooperation with Latitude - Aviation English Services.

The programme develops and hones needed English skills for aviation personnel according to the ICAO Language Proficiency Requirements (LPR). The tailored solution allows for training and assessment which precisely meets the needs of your organisation.

Features & Benefits of COMMAND

JAA TO offers COMMAND - a self-access e-learning solution for organisations providing industry-relevant language content.

COMMAND focuses on the development of receptive and productive skillsets - listening, comprehension and speaking - required for safe RT communications and success in any test of ICAO English language proficiency for personnel licensing.

The blend of self-access e-learning and Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) further develops confidence in the speaking and listening skills standard to ICAO level 4 and beyond.

  • Flexibility in programme training hours, duration and delivery
  • 24 modules featuring authentic content guarantee regular exposure and effective learning
  • Real-time interactions with aviation language professionals available
  • Designed in accordance with ICAO guidelines by subject matter and language experts
  • No travel for personnel or instructors

Course Description

In line with the recommendations of ICAO document 9835 and ICAO circular 323, COMMAND focuses on the specific language proficiencies required for safe RT communications and develops confidence in the speaking and listening skills required for success in any test of ICAO English language proficiency for personnel licensing.

The blend of e-learning and Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT) provides opportunities for pilots and ATCOs to practise English leading to increased proficiency across all six ICAO criteria – Pronunciation, Structure, Vocabulary, Fluency, Comprehension and Interactions.

A COMMAND programme is delivered over a period of up to 24 weeks (24 modules) each focusing on a particular non-routine situation in flight and ATC operations, from depressurisation to fuel shortage, navaid failure to volcanic ash. Each module features one unit of self-access e-learning and one or more VILT sessions with a specialist aviation English instructor.


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We provide a tailored solution that meets your individual requirements while minimising organisational disruption.