Advice for Visitors and Trainees

Information prior to arrival

Please note the following extra pre-course instructions.

  • We recommend that you bring your own face mask(s) - enough for the course duration (i.e. one or two per day as you see fit). Note: Dutch COVID-19 measures from 14 January: it is strongly recommended to wear a mask when moving around the JAA Training Organisation (JAA TO) facility, especially whenever the 1,5m distance cannot be kept between individuals (e.g. elevators). RIVM recommends using disposable/medical face masks.
  • Please see attached the Health Declaration Form. We kindly ask you to have it filled in prior to arrival at JAA TO.
  • Please arrive early, approximately 15-20 minutes before your course starts; in order to have sufficient time to read through the instructions and measures; and get familiarised with the facilities.
  • Due to the constant changes worldwide related to COVID-19, please contact us ASAP if your situation changes at the last minute preventing you from travelling to JAA TO.
  • It is your responsibility to stay up-to-date via the relevant authorities about the latest news/measures in both countries (i.e. where you are travelling from, and the Netherlands). Keep in mind the current status of the EU travel ban, any applicable government travel advice, lockdowns or quarantine measures.
  • Please also note that there could be trainees attending your course from another region. Trainees may only enter if they are not under any quarantine orders by any relevant authorities and not presenting any health symptoms such as a cold, shortness of breath, cough, fever etc.
  • Upon arrival, you will receive a package with items applicable to ensure your and our safety in accordance with the corona-proof measures.
  • If you are at risk of being detained upon arrival and asked to go into quarantine, please be sure to contact the JAA TO at your earliest convenience. A representative will then contact you to discuss solutions to ensuring you can still attend the course (e.g. either virtually or at the next scheduled session).
  • Please bring your laptop with you to the course, for accessing the electronic course material and to generally keep yourself flexible due to ever-changing measures.
Health Declaration Form

For any questions or comments please contact us either directly in person when in the facility or via email

JAA Training Organisation (JAA TO) would like to thank all visitors and trainees for their understanding and cooperation.

Together against the virus. Stay safe and stay healthy.