Aviation COVID-19 Recovery Solutions

How can we build back better and propel the European aviation sector back onto the road of success in the post-COVID-19 era?

In supporting the aviation community around us, JAA TO offers a number of compliance and safety based COVID-19 recovery solutions for the industry.

Considering the change caused by COVID-19, JAA Training Organisation (JAA TO) designed a number of packages that acknowledge the new business demands and assist your organisation returning to back to normal operations.

With the full range and quality of JAA TO aviation auditing and safety consultancy you can benefit from the following modules:


Internal Audit Programme Recovery

Many Air Operators, Approved Training Organisations and Maintenance/Airworthiness Organisations have had to limit their internal compliance monitoring/auditing activities as a result of COVID-19. In many cases, enforced restructuring has resulted in reductions of both resources and personnel. JAA TO offers assistance in recovering your internal audit programme to meet your own internal requirements and the requirements of your Competent Authority, including the following:


  1. Compliance Monitoring Programme Revision
  2. Performance of your overdue outstanding audits in all areas (Operations, Training, Airworthiness/Maintenance)
  3. Mentoring newly recruited auditing staff/OTJ Training
  4. Providing Auditor Training Courses for new or current auditing staff within your organisation.


Management System Gap Analysis

JAA TO offers a complete gap analysis examination of your management system, cross referencing the relevant ICAO standards, regional/local (e.g. EASA/FAA) Management System (Safety Management System) Regulations and/or IATA Standards and Recommended Practices (ISARPs). This will allow you to pinpoint the areas that need immediate attention prior to and upon return to normal operations.

Get back in business. Consult JAA TO for aviation recovery solutions now. Contact JAA TO's Training Department for more information.



Management of Change Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

The aviation industry has undergone a seismic change in 2020 and enforced changes will dictate the way we operate in the future. Our team of consultants can perform a detailed management of change risk assessment in any area of your organisation to assist you in highlighting potential risks that need to be managed effectively as we enter the new reality.


IOSA Pre-Audit Services

Are you considering an IATA (IOSA) registration as a business initiative to improve versatility and safety going forward? We have first-hand experience of performing IOSA-style audits and can provide you with any of the following options:


  1. Documentation gap analysis to determine at what level your documented processes and procedures conform with the IOSA standards.
  2. Consultancy for and development of Operations Manuals to IOSA standards
  3. On-site IOSA style preparatory audit. This service provides you with a thorough overview of your organisation and will prepare you for an initial IOSA audit. Our experienced IOSA auditors will examine all disciplines ORG (Organisation), FLT (Flight Operations), DSP (Dispatch), MNT (Maintenance), CAB (Cabin), GRH (Ground Handling), CGO (Cargo) and SEC (Security) according to the IATA Standards and Recommended Practices (ISARPs) contained in the current IOSA Standards Manual (ISM).

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Regulatory Oversight Planning Consultancy

JAA TO’s consultants can work with your planning department to develop, implement and maintain an effective oversight programme tailored with the objectives of restarting aviation in your state.


Mentoring for Oversight Inspectors and Inspections

JAA TO can provide consultancy services to Competent Authorities to assist them with the complex oversight functions that are required for a re-start of aviation operations, training and maintenance activities.

This training can be followed in full two-day courses or in modular form.


Get back in business. Consult JAA TO for aviation recovery solutions now. Contact JAA TO's Training Department for more information.



Aviation Health Navigation

Restarting operations and reassuring travellers and crew in their air travel requires implementation of the appropriate measures to safeguard and facilitate cross-border journeys. Another edition to the Aviation COVID-19 Recovery Solutions, this module supports your airline in navigating and implementing new safety norms regarding public health during and beyond the COVID–19 pandemic. The goal is to safely restart your aviation operation while minimising health risks.


Tailor-made Solutions

Despite the highly regulated and standardised nature of aviation industry, we treat each one of our clients as unique organisations. We pride ourselves on being extremely adaptable in order to meet the specific needs of our customers. The details of the services listed above are general and so we would encourage you to contact us in order to discuss how we can tailor any of these services to meet your unique requirements. See also in combination with our Learning & Knowledge solutions which offer additional topics and support. All these can be customised to suit your needs.

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