We are extremely proud to confirm that staff from many organisations, Authorities and Industry alike, have found their way to our training courses. Our courses are aimed at personnel working in a variety of functions from Management to Administrative, and everything in between.

JAA TO is active all over the world, either with scheduled training courses or customized courses on-site.
Our scheduled training courses have the benefit of the audience being a multicultural group of people and a mix of Authority and Industry personnel. Ideal for sharing experience, exposure to different perspectives, and enlarging your global network!

A customized course at your location is a very efficient and fast means to train large groups of personnel and to quickly bring your organisation up to speed with latest standards. It further offers the benefit of the course being adapted to your organisation’s needs and it addresses the challenges your organisation is facing. Where possible, our trainers use in-house examples to which your staff members can relate.

To date, we have provided our services to nearly 1600 organizations worldwide, including all 44 ECAC Civil Aviation Authorities and a variety of Civil Aviation Authorities outside of Europe!


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