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Sustainable Aviation Management - Excellence through Collaboration


This is an online training course, developed in partnership by GMR Aviation Academy, ENVISA and JAA TO.

All businesses need to have a sustainable business model to grow, and this is especially true for airports. Airports face growth constraints because of environmental challenges (i.e. land-use, noise, wastewater release). Moreover to increase profits, an airport needs to sustain or increase its number of passengers by attracting airlines. This is possible by improving the environmental performances of an airport (e.g. reducing taxiing-time, improving gate allotment). Furthermore an improved energy management will contribute to increase savings and thus increase profits. For all these reasons, considering environmental impacts is crucial to sustain an airport's business model.

By following this course you will understand the environmental issues faced by airports and the role played by each airport stakeholders to tackle these issues. Designed and delivered by airport experts to provide you an overview of environmental management, the course will get you started in achieving best practice at your airport. You will get the unique opportunity to learn from worldwide experts, including airport and airline managers, ground-handlers and regulators, through real case studies.

Course Content

This course includes the following Modules:

  1. Introduction to: Sustainability, Aviation Infrastructures, SARP & Legal Frameworks
  2. Aviation Sustainability Management 
  3. Environment & Environment Management System
  4. Green Infrastructures, Systems & Performances & Certification
  5. Resource Management
  6. Climate Change & Greenhouse Gas Management
  7. Noise Management and Community Relations
  8. Local Air Quality Management
  9. Birds & Wildlife Management 
  10. Summary & Overview  

Please note this course is not yet launched. Registrations will open in early 2016.

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Learning Objectives

  • Understand the regulatory environmental context in the aviation sector.
  • Gain a broad overview of the environmental impacts an airport and its stakeholders have to take into consideration.
  • Understand the requirements to implement a successful Environment Management System program (EMS).
  • Learn how an EMS can contribute to increase your business' profitability.
  • Be able to assess your organisation's current approach to environmental management.
  • Benchmark best practices through international case studies.
  • Achieve professional recognition within your organisation.

Who should take this course

  • Airport operators, airlines, ground-handlers, airport tenants willing to enhance their operational efficiency, customer satisfaction and profitability through optimized environmental performances.
  • Any individual interested in understanding the various existing options to implement a sustainable airport business model.
  • Any individual interested in understanding the environmental impacts of an airport.


No previous knowledge of environmental impact of the aviation sector is required to follow this course. In fact the course is designed to promote wider understanding of sustainability principles across all stakeholders working collaboratively at an airport.


This is an online course of an estimated duration of 30 hours.