Reflection of the first month at the "state of the art" training centre

On 1 July, 2019, JAA Training Organisation relocated from its long-established roots in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands, to a new state-of-the-art training centre in Schiphol-Rijk.


It’s been one month since JAA TO has opened its doors to the world while we're settling in, that doesn’t necessarily mean we're slowing down. This month has been eventful, both in our course delivery, and for the JAA TO team.


Here’s a glimpse into what the JAA TO team has been up to this month.


Moving day – Hoofddorp to Schiphol-Rijk

June 28 - Our last day in the Hoofddorp training centre was a bitter-sweet moment for all involved.

Saying goodbye to Hoofddorp, where JAA TO has operated for over 28 years, was especially challenging. Not only for sentimental reasons, but because we were still fully operational – running 4 courses that day. Nonetheless, the team was more than ready to move on to an environment where we could grow, not only in size, but in closeness.


First day in Schiphol-Rijk

July 1 – The official opening of the Beechavenue training centre. This was the first day the JAATO team could begin moving into their new offices, and the first courses were delivered.

To commemorate the day, the JAA TO team gathered in the Beechavenue lobby and were addressed by JAA TO Director, Paula Vieira de Almeida. Together, the team planted a potted tree to represent the JAA TO strategy for growth.


ECAC Vice President visits Beech Office

July 5 - At the first JAA TO all-staff meeting at the new training centre in Schiphol-Rijk, Beech Office, Alessio Quaranta, ECAC Vice President and Chairman of the JAA TO Foundation board joined the conversation and toured the training centre.

"The new building is a huge upgrade from the Hoofddorp training centre," Quaranta remarks. "Much more space, nice view, better lighting... It’s just a fantastic space. We were optimistic when we were visiting it during development and the result is very impressive.”


Friends & Family visit Beech Office

July 16 – The JAA TO team invited their friends and family to the new training centre. We started the day with breakfast and coffee to get acquainted with each other's loved ones and provided a tour of the building where friends and family had the opportunity to explore the work space of JAA TO staff.


Courses delivered this month

Eager to continue capacitating aviation professionals, JAA TO courses were delivered at the new training centre without any operational disruptions.

  • Auditing in a maintenance enviornment 
  • EASA Air Operations Management Team Seminar - Accountable manager
  • EASA Part-M general
  • Fast track programme extended accident & incident
  • POA (Annex part 21)
  • Human factors/crew resource managment
  • Maintenance programme (Large aircraft)
  • Basics of EU regulation of UAS